What’s new in Oracle Policy Automation 19C?

What’s new in Oracle Policy Automation 19C?

The autumn follows the summer and just as logically, the new release of Oracle Policy Automation follows it’s own, similar, seasonal rhythm. Version 19C is now available for download from your usual source, and as usual it contains a number of really juicy updates for us, and here is the lowdown:

Import Batch REST requests into Policy Modeling debugger

I know a good many users of Oracle Policy Modeling will be relieved to see this one. It allows you to load REST requests into your Debugger (as opposed to only allowing SOAP requests in previous versions). Then you can select which REST batch case you wish to review in the Debugger, since one request might contain many cases. Excellent news!

19C Debug

Integration Cloud Service OPA Interview Adapter

This and the next section are one and the same, more or less. Oracle Integration Cloud service can be hooked up to an Oracle Policy Automation Interview through this adapter. Previously Oracle Integration Cloud users were restricted to consuming Oracle Policy Automation Assess Web Service sessions.

Generic REST integration protocol for interviews

If you are familiar with Connector API and the SOAP-based platform it provides, then this will feel like a tremendous leap forward.  Essentially it allows the following

  1. Rule designers to specify input and output attributes for an interface contract, without needing to know / have available the technical details of the mapping.
  2. The technical team to receive the Project, view the contract and hook up the defined load and save to whatever

The most exciting thing is that although it is perfectly designed to work with Oracle Integration Cloud (see the previous section) , it is completely designed to be generic – another provider could be used.

It sort of turns data mapping on it’ head. Instead of the technical team defining the input and output “contract” and the rules designer then mapping attributes to that interface, the rules designer builds the rule model, defining the input and output mapping names for contract items, before deploying the Project. And then the technical team hooks up the integration to these targets.

19C Mapping

It has the potential to completely change how we think about Connections in Oracle Policy Automation, reduce coding, allow for integrations to be modified without any impact on the interview design process, and to imagine federated data sourcing (the Interview does not know, or need to know, where the data is actually coming from, or what the Integration Server is doing upstream (calling different systems, transforming data, whatever). As you can see in the next screenshot, the mapping values can be defined ad hoc.

Engagement Cloud Connection Type

The Engagement Cloud gets its own connection type, as future enhancements will leverage this new type.

19C - Connection Types

Update all inclusions

Tired of manually updating all the inclusions in your Projects? Well the new one-shot option is for you. It will automatically update and accept all the changes on all the inclusions in the Project. It is also available in command-line format too. Sounds great, but not something you click on without actually thinking about what you are doing, right?

19C Inclusions

Redirection target support

If you have embedded an Interview in an IFRAME and you want to redirect the user (with the Submit and Redirect, Submit or Exit buttons) now you can specify an additional piece of information – the target (top, parent or self) for the redirect. Smart!

19C Redirect

Smart Checkpoint Resume

OPA interviews that are embedded into other applications can now auto-resume (without prompting) if a checkpoint is found. This functionality is enabled by using the resumeCheckpointOrStartNew operation and providing the URL parameters needed to start or resume the interview. It works for both Service Cloud and Web Service connections.

File Uploads you can Download

Ever wanted to check a file you have added to an upload group, before you end the interview – by downloading it again?

So now you can.

Something for everyone in this release!

Richard Napier

Author: Richard Napier

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