What’s New in Oracle Policy Automation 19A?

What’s New in Oracle Policy Automation 19A?

The newest release has come off the production line and this one is a real cracker, full of useful and exciting new features. Here is an overview of what’s new in Oracle Policy Automation 19A.

  • New Images in Forms

Ever wanted to upload images during an interview and have them appear in the PDF output. Well, now you can! In the Sample XML file that you have loaded into your BI Publisher Desktop instance with Microsoft Word, you should now see extra “Fields” much in the same way as Signatures are currently handled. Similarly, special tags are required to turn the Base64 encoded text back into images, but the help file gives you all you need.

  • Use attributes in Extensions, even when they are not on the Screen in question.

A huge leap forward for Extension writers. Now you can specify certain (as required) attributes that are available to your Extensions without having to add them to whatever Screen(s) you need to add extensions to. It’s simple. Create a new file called opm.extension.data.json and add it to  your resources folder. The file, as the name suggests, is a JSON file containing the list of attributes you need to use. Then you can call the new getExtensionData() method of the Interview object to get hold of the data in JSON format at runtime. Special care will be needed not to slow performance when requesting lots of child data since it will have to return the parent and children. All of the items need to have public names as usual.

  • Chat API

Using the Chat API to facilitate a single-stream trackable / auditable conversation, OPA can be integrated into Digital Assistant, Facebook Assistant, Service Cloud Chat

  • Extension Enhancements

Now we have extendable Buttons, we can also retrieve Hint Text for attributes!

  • Mobile Enhancements

Close to my own heart these ones : now we can run Mobile assessments without an Internet or Hub connection. Please welcome the Mobile Answer API!

And that’s not the end of what’s new in Oracle Policy Automation 19D, because we can now launch out of the box OPA Mobile using a custom URL schema. To put it simply, you can start the OPA Mobile App from a URL in your browser, or from another App, and fire up the Interview you need. Awesome!

  • Hub Enhancements

Now you can check to see if a Project is using the correct Inclusions versions using a CSV report available in the Hub.What's New in Oracle Policy Automation 19A

This feature is also available in the Oracle Policy Modeling application, in the Inclusions pane of the Project tab.

You have also access to the new CheckPoint Inspection API, to take a look at the (potentially stale) data in CheckPoints and analyse it. Great news for GDPR-minded people.

  • Checkpoint Enhancements

We welcome better handling of resumed Interviews that fail to resume because of inaccessible data since the Checkpoint was saved. Starting with 19A, as much as possible of the data will be loaded into the Interview when it is resumed. The behaviour can be enabled on upgraded older projects from the Interview tab. Oracle Service Cloud users get a bonus of being able to choose to restart or load checkpointed data when resuming.


What’s New in Oracle Policy Automation 19A?

Told you this was a big one! Thanks as always to the Oracle Policy Automation Product Development team. Awesome work!

Richard Napier

Author: Richard Napier

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