What’s New in Oracle Policy Automation 18B #1

The team that creates and updates Oracle Policy Automation have once again been very busy indeed, and the latest and greatest release can be downloaded from the usual Oracle Technology Network pages, and the link to the documentation follows the usual schema, just with the new 18B tag in it. So What’s New in Oracle Policy Automation 18B ?

In this first post in a short series, we are going to be looking at the new features of this release, and there certainly are some crackingly good ones. Let’s get started with the integration-related changes and what they mean for Oracle Policy Automation 18B:

  • A new Integration Cloud Service OPA assessment Adapter

What's New in Oracle Policy Automation 18B ICS

A massively important piece of the integration architecture for Oracle Policy Automation just got a whole lot better. An Oracle Policy Automation assessment can now be called as a step in your integration Workflow built on Oracle Integration Cloud Service. The Oracle Policy Automation assessment adapter has been available as a pre-release version but by the time you read this, or shortly afterwards, it should be available from the list of Adapters on the Oracle Integration Cloud Service site.

  • Embeddable JavaScript Models

An embedded JavaScript model is essentially a completely self-contained rulebase which can run, therefore, in a disconnected scenario. This will be a game-changer for Internet of Things devices, as well as situations where you need to have lightweight, client-side rule execution. This feature does not support Interviews, and is license-based.

  • Inline Customer Portal interview widget

Service Cloud customers can now take advantage of the new IFRAMEless integration capability that we enjoy with Siebel CRM already.

  • New REST API Batch Assessment Licensing Options

The Batch Assess REST API can now be called if you are licensed for Oracle RightNow Universal Policy Automation Tier 3 sessions, even if you are not also licensed for Oracle Policy Automation Enterprise Assessment API. For more information on the licensing and restrictions contact your Oracle representative.

  • Cookie-less interviews

A real boon for Safari users (but not only Safari) : Embedded Interviews no longer require a Browser cookie, which potentially could stop the Interview from functioning in certain environments. CORS still applies for resources shared across domains but basic embedding should now be possible whatever the browser security settings.

  • New Inline API Interview

The new API is OraclePolicyAutomationInterview and it uses the same methods as in previous versions (StartInterview, ResumeInterview, BatchStartOrResume). This new API version enforces all interview element styles. Styles won’t inherit from the parent stylesheet, and interview extensions can be used to modify interview appearance.  Awesome news for customers looking to render a a transparent experience to their users.

  • Relationship Control Customization

In the second part of our What’s New in Oracle Policy Automation 18B post series, we will look at the new Relationship Control extension capability which I was wishing for only a few weeks ago!