Report from THT7562 Enhance Customer Experience by Automating Service

There now follows a brief report from the above session, live at Oracle OpenWorld 2016. It’s time for a complete change of pace now with the Showcase Theater for CX, and an intergalactic voyage with OPA. I wish there were more of these. Our presenter Rob just oozed enthusiasm and fun – and of course product knowledge – but it was so appreciated, I just wanted to shout it out.

Thirty minutes to talk about how the Oracle Policy Automation platform can transform service organisations. The need to make policies drives adoption, but it’s ease of change, management and the quality of the Customer Experience that make the difference in the active organisation. It’s accuracy with efficiency, consistently and transparently auditable.

Spock will be out of a job – no more custom code.

Oracle Policy Automation meets Starfleet Academy. In the far future, CAPTCHA will still be used.

Phaser replacement also gets the OPA treatment.

What a great way to showcase the futuristic natural language processing of Oracle Policy Automation.

And here is the sophisticated rule base from Starfleet being designed in Oracle Policy Modeler.

The most fun Customer Experience session so far. Well done!