The OPA Hub Website Poll : Results So Far

I’m really pleased to see that visitors to this humble website are playing ball and answering the website poll that we are running at the moment. As a reminder we are trying to understand why people come to the website, in order to better serve our readers with attractive and pertinent content. So far here are the numbers. If you haven’t voted you can do so now. Remember you can vote multiple times if you want to get your point across. Anyway here are the partial results :

What Kind of Article do you want to read on the OPA Hub Website?

As you can see there is a pretty even split in terms of the most visited sections:

  1. Business Rules
  2. JavaScript Extensions
  3. Online Training


We are really surprised about the number of people visiting us looking for training. So we are going to be investing in a range of reasonably priced training options to all people to meet their objective and get trained on Oracle Policy Automation. The range of solutions will include both electronic, virtual and real-deal training in a classroom. We feel it is strategically wise to offer all three, to allow our readers to choose the options they want.

As a reminder we already have a variety of classroom training that is available to book. We will be unveiling our plans in respect of online and virtual training before the end of the year.

Business Rules

Unsurprisingly this is a major reason for people visiting our site. We are lucky to be able to say that more articles of this nature are coming up thanks to our guest readers and an effort on our part to increase the number of business rule articles.

JavaScript Extensions

Despite the fact that JavaScript is clearly a risk factor in any Oracle Policy Automation project, it is a common request of customers and consultants alike to have more examples. So we will continue to add more and they will always be freely available on the OPA Hub Website Shop.

Keep watching this space!