OPA Hub Website Academy – Oracle Intelligent Advisor Online Learning

Training - Module 1

The OPA Hub Website is pleased to announce the availability of our first eLearning modules. Designed to be the most focused, entertaining and practical way to learn how to work with Oracle Intelligent Advisor, these sessions deliver the knowledge anyone needs to be operational, quickly. Think of it as the way to answer all those questions that come up once the product is purchased, when you or your team are sitting, wondering:

  • Where do we start?
  • What happens now?
  • How does my team get up to speed?
  • What’s a good way to knowledge transfer?
  • How do I?

And many more…there is often a period of disarray following the acquisition of any software, and without practical guidance it can be hard to get started, even with Oracle Intelligent Advisor. That’s why these modules were created.

The modules are self-contained and can be viewed on any device. The first 13 modules are now available in the Academy, with many more to come.

Courses Available

Now Available : FDO1 to FDO11 – OPA Hub Website Academy – Modeler’s Introduction Online Learning – over 6 hours of content

Now Available : Module FDO01 – The Platform – 15 Minutes

Now Available : Module FDO12 : Users and Permissions – 26 Minutes

Now Available : Module FDO13 : Collaboration – 35 Minutes

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