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Winners – Where Are You?

Winners – Where Are You?

We appreciate that you have many more important things to think about right now, but we just wanted to remind our recent winners that we are still waiting to receive address information so we can send some wearable goodies. If you want to find out what they look like, then you only have to see what winner Orlando R, sent the OPA Hub Website earlier this month.

Orlando R. is a long time Oracle Policy Automation / Intelligent Advisor practitioner, and we have had the pleasure of crossing paths with him multiple times over the last 15 years or so, from his early years in the Siebel CRM world, to his fanatical use of Oracle Policy Automation today. He is a very respected member of the community and an all-round nice guy as well.

Winners 2019

Here you can see Orlando, one of the winners, modeling his fantastic tee-shirt and winner’s mug. He also, of course, received a copy of the new JavaScript Extensions book in electronic format.

So, Annie and Manohar, please reach out either in the comments here or (better, since you probably don’t want to print your address in the comments) via LinkedIn. We look forward to sending you the prizes.

And it is worth saying, the OPA Hub Website wishes all of our readers and their families the best of everything during these difficult times, wherever you are in the world. As someone who spends nearly 150 days away from home on average each year, it is safe to say that it is a time for adjustment and new opportunities, as well as a time for protecting and nurturing those that I love and cherish. May we all come out of this in a better place than before.

We will continue to post during these times. Have a great day. And if you have not yet participated in the survey, please do.

We Have A Winner! OPA Hub Complete Quiz – February 2019

We Have A Winner! OPA Hub Complete Quiz – February 2019

It is with uncommon pleasure that I can announce the winner of the OPA Hub Complete Quiz – February 2019. More about the winner in a moment, but just in case you didn’t know it already, we are now running a regular Prize Quiz. It has 100 questions and a maximum time of 90 minutes. The questions are in fact the collection of 10 different quizzes we already have – so if you did well in those quizzes then you will probably do very well in the OPA Hub Complete Quiz.

OPA Hub Complete Quiz BannerThe Quiz will now be refreshed with more questions (we aim to build a pool of about 250 questions by the end of the year) and restarted with a fresh leaderboard very soon. Watch this space to find out when the next Prize Quiz goes live. I guess I am also saying that you shouldn’t do the Complete Quiz until I restart it, because you would not be entered in the Prize Draw.

So what are the prizes?

  • First Place (Highest Score, and in case of identical score, theĀ fastest to complete the Quiz will will a USD $50 Amazon Voucher
  • Second Place will win a stunning new OPA Hub Website T-Shirt
  • Third Place will win a stunning new OPA Hub Mug

And so, on to the…

Winner of the Inaugural OPA Hub Complete Quiz

Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you Allen Pak of Speridian Technologies, an experienced Rules Consultant. I’m hoping (s)he is reading this, and will get in touch to let us know the delivery address for the Amazon Voucher. And because Allen was theĀ only winner this time, (s)he will also get a T-Shirt and Mug just because we are feeling generous. I hope (s)he will send us a photo of the T-Shirt and Mug in action. Please let us know size for the T-shirt too!

Congratulations to Allen. If you want to get practicing for the next Prize Quiz, start here.

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