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Oracle Policy Automation and Siebel Innovation Pack 16 #1

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A la recherche du moindre effort ou comment simplifier la vie de vos clients avec Oracle OPA

A la recherche du moindre effort ou comment permettre à vos clients de se simplifier la vie

Venez découvrir le 28 février prochain à 10h de nombreux exemples de formulaires d’éligibilité en « self-service » adaptés à tout secteur d’activité :

  • Quel tarif pour mon devis ?
  • Suis-je éligible à un changement de gamme pour mon abonnement ?
  • Quel crédit pouvez-vous m’offrir ?
  • Quelle indemnité puis-je percevoir ?
  • Quel est le montant de ma prime ?
  • Quel est le montant de mon remboursement ?

Délivrer un service client « nouvelle génération » requiert la mise à jour constante de conditions et politiques internes ou « métiers ».

Découvrez comment Oracle Policy Automation permet de simplifier et automatiser la gestion de vos processus métiers.

Improve Customer Experience, Reduce Costs & Increase Operational Efficiency with Oracle Policy Automation

Improve Customer Experience, Reduce Costs & Increase Operational Efficiency with Oracle Policy Automation

Join us for a 30-minute discussion to learn about how a simple solution can have a big impact on your business.

Policy Automation has transformed the way organisations operate globally by providing a better service to customers and drastically reducing development/change costs to complex applications. It is a cross-industry solution highly valued across the Public Sector, in HR, Financial Services, Insurance, Higher Education, Commercial and the Utilities sectors. It allows business users to develop applications directly from legislation or organisational policy material without having a dependency on an IT department.

Speakers James Tobin and Tom Filmer will provide you with an overview of Policy Automation, how it achieves these benefits and talk about a few use cases that demonstrate these benefits.


Benefits of Oracle Policy Automation
  • Quickly and accurately determine applicant eligibility for benefits or services direct from your policy documentation, and calculate rates with ease
  • Personalise your customers’ engagement within the web-channel
  • Minimise the cost of implementing changes to delivering your online services
  • Ensure compliance with your operating practices as well as statutory regulations
  • Give your customers an engaging experience online through personalised, interactive self-service interviews
  • Reduce the number of preventable calls into your contact centre, drastically reducing costs
  • Increase first call resolution for those calls that do come into your contact centre
  • Reduce time to competency for newly recruited contact centre agents
  • Minimise IT changes and costs to your complex application processes