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What is Happening Here – Date Function with Wrong Date

What is Happening Here – Date Function with Wrong Date

See if you can guess : What is Happening Here?

Below is a project written in Oracle Policy Automation 12 (this was actually in 12.18B but it has no bearing on the example). It has only one attribute : the date of the next visit. This is written as follows:

The date of the next visit= YearEnd (AddYears(the current date;1))

The date you are running the Debugger, the current date is November 19, 2018. The rule should perform a simple assignment, taking the current date, adding a year and then using that as the input for the YearEnd function. So :

YearEnd(November 19, 2019)

This should give the value of December 31 2019. Also, there are no other attributes in this project. There are no JavaScript extensions, no custom controls, no CSS or other additions. The project is being built using English language. The project does not have any translations, forms, or anything else inside it. But the Debugger  session of the Oracle Policy Automation Interview displays the following:

OPA 12 - What is Happening Here

The date is incorrectly showing 12/31/20. So what is happening here? Even more fun, the Data tab of the Debugger shows the following:

OPA 12 - What is Happening Here

The value is correct on the right, wrong on the left. So what has happened to the Oracle Policy Automation project in this example?

You are free to give the answer, if you know it, in the comments. I will come back in a couple of days and explain. And before you ask, yes, I can across this in the real world yesterday and it is not a bug, it did not require a Service Request, and somebody had done something. The behavior is entirely reproducible I would imagine in any language.

Sometimes you want to write about something (in my case, I wanted to look at Silent and Hidden settings) but life gets in the way. This was such an amusing thing (with hindsight) that I decided to write about it instead.

Enjoy this and hopefully you will immediately have spotted the possible culprit. You can peruse the documentation online here.

Oracle Policy Automation Quiz Leaderboards

Oracle Policy Automation Quiz Leaderboards

Oracle Policy Automation Quiz - LogoIt seems to  be Oracle Policy Automation Quiz Month here on the OPA Hub Website. Lots of readers are taking part in the Oracle Policy Automation Quizzes here. Of course I suppose many of them might be preparing for their Oracle Policy Automation Certification (I’m thinking of the Oracle Policy Automation Cloud Service 2017 Certification in particular), but I suspect some people just like to test themselves and see how they measure up to their peers. The quizzes are quick-fire (since there are only 10 questions in each) and they can be something to do during a coffee break I guess.

With that in mind, I thought I would publish the Leaderboard for the first two of the quizzes – there are four, and the fifth is going to be released this week so watch out for Part Five. Once we reach the magic marker of 100 questions, then we will package it into a single Quiz and set the timer to mimic the duration of a certification examination, for those of you who like to have a frisson of stress when doing this sort of thing.

OPA Hub Quiz Part One Leaderboard

These leaderboards are generated on the fly, so they may take a couple of seconds to display. For the sake of brevity they only show the top fifteen or so placed players.

Leaderboard: OPA 12 Certification Preparation Quiz #1

maximum of 10 points
Pos. Name Entered on Points Result
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OPA Hub Quiz Part Two Leaderboard

Leaderboard: OPA 12 Certification Preparation Quiz #2

maximum of 10 points
Pos. Name Entered on Points Result
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Keep watching the OPA Hub Website this week for the release of the next part of the Quiz, with ten new all visual questions (you know the ones that show you the same image five times and ask you to make declarations about it)! Thanks to all the players (especially Bob, who seems to have had a good time!. See you soon on the OPA Hub website, hopefully for a quiz or three.

GA release of Oracle Policy Automation May 2017 (12.2.7)

GA release of Oracle Policy Automation May 2017 (12.2.7)

The latest and greatest version of Oracle Policy Automation has just been posted on the relevant Internet sites for download and installation (in the case of Public Cloud of course you would be either on the published schedule for upgrade, our you can use your Cloud Administration to move up.)

There are some cracking new features in this Oracle Policy Automation May 2017 release which we will be covering here are usual. To whet your appetite here is a little list of the highlights:

PDF form templates
Form templates can now be maintained as PDF files. This might be the beginning of the end of the BI Publisher Desktop as the chosen tool for building PDFs.

Interview extensions
JavaScript-based extensions are back with a much improved strategy for ensuring they are upgradeable!

Embeddable interviews
IFRAME begone! Now we can embed interviews without the hated IFRAME tag. End of “Trusted Sites” and other nasty issues in older browsers (Internet Explorer I’m looking at you). This included support for authorizations as to where you can embed the interview.

Batch Assess REST API
A new REST API for Batch Assessments. About time!

Some more things to get excited about:

    • Mark test cases as passed or failed with an extra column in the Excel file
    • Conditionally show individual items in a value list – The return of conditional list items. Make a drop-down list entry show or not based on logic. A welcome return!
    • Show controls on a screen only when they are relevant – Awesome flexibility to help screens that have many questions or have lots of flexibility in the pertinence of questions.
    • Forms can now open inline or in another window. (man, I could have done with that a few weeks ago!)

Watch this space for our articles reviewing the functionality!

Another New Oracle Policy Automation Quiz released!

Another New Oracle Policy Automation Quiz released!

Oracle Policy Automation Tutorials and Quizzes

Good News for Oracle Policy Automation fans!

We’ve begun rolling out our latest feature, namely interactive quizzes for you to test yourself on Oracle Policy Automation and Modeling. We are always looking for ways to help you learn Oracle Policy Automation or to prepare for the Certification Exam for example.

The first three quizzes are now live on the site, and we will be adding more and more as the weeks go by. The quizzes are free of course and we maintain a leaderboard for each quiz so you can see how well you have done. We believe that it is better to be prepared for an interview or examination by practicing (through the OPA tutorials, walk-through guides and videos we have on this site) but it is also good to actually get into the spirit by testing yourself for real.

With that in mind, here are the shortcuts to the current quizzes. Expect another quiz to be put online every week. Enjoy!

Oracle Policy Automation Quizzes

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