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OPA Hub Website Academy : 12 New Modules

OPA Hub Website Academy : 12 New Modules

The OPA Hub Website Academy is pleased to announce the release of another 11 modules in the training catalogue. Recorded in the studio in July 2020, they complete the video modules to accompany the recent release of the Consultant’s Guide to Intelligent Advisor book. A special offer awaits you if you purchase before August 30th 2020.

As of today, the catalogue looks like this:

Online Training Available

Online Training Course Available  Consultant’s Introduction to Intelligent Advisor Part One 

Online Training Course Available Consultant’s Introduction to Intelligent Advisor Part Two

The following are available as individual Online Training Modules:

Module 1 – The Platform 

Module 2 –  Before you Start 

Module 3 – About Projects

Module 4 – Attributes and Rules

Module 5 – Functions

Module 6 – Entities

Module 7 – Entity Functions

Module 8 – Basic Interviews

Module 9 – Improving Interviews

Module 10 – Entity Interviews

Module 11 – Deployment Basics

Module 12 : Users and Permissions 

Module 13 : Collaboration 

Module 14 : Command Line Tools

Module 15 : Inferring Entity Instances

Module 16 : Explanations

Module 17 : Forms

Module 18 : Temporal Reasoning

Module 19 : Test Cases

Module 20 : Internationalization

Module 21 : Connections

Module 22 : Embedding

OPA Hub Website Academy
The OPA Hub Website Academy – Content Catalogue growing fast

The OPA Hub Academy will be releasing more titles in Q4 2020, and if you have ideas for modules then please leave a comment. If your company is interested in licensing the raw high-resolution studio video files then please reach out to the OPA Hub Website Page on LinkedIn.

Introducing the OPA Hub Website Academy

Introducing the OPA Hub Website Academy

We’re thrilled to be able to announce the launch of the first of our training classes available in recorded format. The course, entitled “First Day at the Office” is made up of 11 modules to help new starters get to grips with what Oracle Intelligent Advisor (Oracle Policy Automation) actually entails. The modules are presented in an engaging, easy to follow style. Where needed, example projects are available for download.

Recorded in a professional studio, they have excellent sound and video and playback on any device. For corporate clients wishing to acquire larger scale use, please contact us for pricing of the raw 4K Video.

Training - Module 1
Module 1 – The Platform

Think of it as the way to answer all those questions that come up once the product is purchased, when you or your team are sitting, wondering:

  • Where do we start?
  • What happens now?
  • How does my team get up to speed?
  • What’s a good way to knowledge transfer?
  • How do I?

And many more…there is often a period of disarray following the acquisition of any software, and without practical guidance it can be hard to get started, even with Oracle Intelligent Advisor. That’s why these modules were created. Find out more on the OPA Hub Academy First Day at the Office Training page.

Combine with Book or eBook

This course can be easily built into an onboarding program for any new starter. The other courses in the Academy take the student further in their learning program and build on these initial chapters. The chapters also combine logically and practically with the Getting Started with Oracle Intelligent Advisor book from P8 Tech Publishers for a complete learning experience.

Further Training Classes

Already planned are:

  • The complete series (Second Day in the Office, Third Day in the Office) on getting to grips with the basics.
  • The JavaScript Series (dealing with extensions for Interviews)
  • Integrating with Siebel CRM (step by step guide)
Oracle Policy Automation – Workshop Toronto

Oracle Policy Automation – Workshop Toronto

Oracle Policy Automation – Workshop

A complete, hands-on introduction to all parts of Oracle Policy Automation :

  • Introduction
  • Oracle Policy Automation : Architecture
  • Oracle Policy Automation : Job Roles
  • Oracle Policy Automation : Software
  • Oracle Policy Modelling : Basic Principles
  • Oracle Policy Modelling:  Writing Good Rules (exercises)
  • Oracle Policy Modelling:  Attributes and Data Types (exercises)
  • Oracle Policy Modelling:  Using Functions (exercises)
  • Oracle Policy Modelling:  Interviews (exercises)
  • Oracle Policy Automation:  User Roles and Collections
  • Oracle Policy Automation:  About the Hub Application
  • Oracle Policy Modelling:  Repository Uploads & Downloads (exercises)
  • Oracle Policy Automation:  Deployments & Activations (exercises)
  • Oracle Policy Automation:  Testing Deployments (exercises)
  • Oracle Policy Modelling:  RTF and PDF Forms (exercises)
  • Oracle Policy Modelling:  Validations and Error Management
  • Oracle Policy Modelling:  Entities, Relationships and Instances (exercises)
  • Oracle Policy Modelling: Temporal Reasoning  (exercises)
  • Oracle Policy Modelling:  Writing Rules for Entities (exercises)
  • Oracle Policy Modelling:  Connections and Data Mapping
  • Oracle Policy Automation : Good Practice and Refactoring (exercises)
  • Time for Project Discussions

Basic knowledge of Oracle Policy Automation concepts. Microsoft Office and Windows is assumed. Some knowledge of business software (ERP, CRM or similar) is useful. The target audience is any member (policy designer, modeller, team leader, manager, and administrator) of the Oracle Policy Automation project.


The environment for this seminar is Oracle Policy Automation 12 Latest Version. We supply environments so that customers do not have to pollute their own. Any exercises done can be recovered for later reference.

The course materials provided are copies of all slides used, plus a copy of the best-selling Oracle Policy Automation book Getting Started with Oracle Policy Automation. Cette formation est également disponible en langue française (support en langue anglaise)

Register :  register here and you will receive instructions how to pay. Only paid registrations are considered active. Terms and Conditions apply.

Oracle Policy Automation – Atelier Pratique (Québec)

Oracle Policy Automation – Atelier Pratique (Québec)

Oracle Policy Automation – Atelier Pratique (Québec)


Ce séminaire de deux jours initie les stagiaires à une présentation complète de l’environnement Oracle Policy Automation 12, version 2019. Les exercices pratiques renforceront les présentations sur les stratégies de modélisation, l’administration de l’équipe, le déploiement, la collaboration et l’intégration.

La plateforme OPA est composée de deux éléments principaux: l’outil de conception Oracle Policy Modeling et la couche serveur Oracle Policy Automation.

Sur demande du client, ce contenu peut être étudié plus en détail. Nous restons bien entendu ouverts à toute demande de personnalisation selon le contexte métier ou technique. Une proposition personnalisée sera alors fournie.


Le séminaire ne suppose aucune connaissance d’Oracle Policy Automation 12. Une connaissance de base de Microsoft Office et de Windows est obligatoire. Une certaine connaissance des logiciels de gestion (ERP, CRM ou similaire) sera fort utile. Le public cible est toute personne, (concepteur de règles, modélisateur, chef d’équipe, gestionnaire et administrateur) membre d’une équipe de projet Oracle Policy Automation.

Un ordinateur portable Windows avec Word et Excel installés. Un guide de téléchargement vous sera fourni avant le début du cours afin de préparer votre atelier. Une connexion Internet sera fourni pendant le cours.


L’environnement cible de ce séminaire est Oracle Policy Automation 12, dernière version disponible.


  1. Introduction
  2. Oracle Policy Automation: Architecture
  3. Oracle Policy Automation: Rôles
  4. Oracle Policy Modeling: principes de base
  5. Oracle Policy Modeling: attributs et types de données
  6. Oracle Policy Modeling: utilisation des fonctions
  7. Oracle Policy Modeling: Enquêtes HTML
  8. Oracle Policy Automation: Travailler en équipe
  9. Oracle Policy Modeling: Téléchargements et déploiements
  10. Oracle Policy Modeling: versions et emplacements des concentrateurs
  11. Oracle Policy Modeling: débogage et tests
  12. Oracle Policy Modeling: formulaires RTF et PDF
  13. Oracle Policy Modeling: entités, relations et instances
  14. Oracle Policy Automation: Tour d’horizon des Web Services SOAP et REST
  15. Résumé

Le support de cours

  • Une copie PDF des diapositives
  • Une copie PDF des exercices pratiques pour chaque module du cours
  • Un accès à un environnement OPA en direct pendant le cours
  • Un exemplaire du livre Getting Started with Oracle Policy Automation

Les horaires

09h00 – 17h00 avec une pause de 60 minutes pour le déjeuner et deux courtes pauses (matin, après-midi) de 10 minutes.


Inscrivez-vous en cliquant le bouton ci-dessus. Vous serez contacté par notre équipe commerciale pour les modalités de règlement.

JavaScript Extensions for Oracle Policy Modeling

JavaScript Extensions for Oracle Policy Modeling

It’s almost ready. The perfect Christmas gift (yeah, right, in bizarro-world) or New Year workout kit. The new book is due out in a few weeks, and you have the chance to win a free copy ahead of everyone else by entering our prize Survey (30 seconds) right now.

The book comes with 50 examples. You get them as Zip Files as well when you buy the book. The book covers all the different types of JavaScript Extensions that are currently available, with examples of each of them (sometimes many different examples) using easily-understandable business scenarios as the starting point, and using example projects from Oracle Policy Modeling – so you don’t need to install a Hub, or do anything special – which let’s you get started straight away.

  • Label Extensions
  • Input Extensions
  • Search Extensions
  • Options Extensions
  • Entity Collect Extensions
  • Entity Container Extensions
  • Button Extensions
  • Event Extensions
  • Navigation, Header and Footer Extensions

The OPA Hub Website Community has also stepped up and I am delighted to say that 8 examples (with credits) came from readers of this website. I am very grateful to them and encourage all of you to submit your ideas and code snippets for the next version.

Hopefully this book will appeal to non-technical people too – I wrote it in the same style as the others (Getting Started with OPA, Getting Started with OSvC) and tried to make it as accessible as possible to everyone.

Here, in avant-premiere, is the cover. And no, I’m not sure what those things are either. But they sure look exotic and tasty. I wanted a parsnip on the cover but these were available and they look good. These are important questions that you worry about late at night. The publisher’s website has been updated, watch this space for the launch date!


JavaScript Extensions

New JavaScript Extensions Book – Win!

New JavaScript Extensions Book – Win!

We’re pleased to say that our new Oracle Policy Automation JavaScript Extensions book is almost finished. Designed to be useful for anyone looking to understand how to extend their interviews with JavaScript Extensions. It comes with 50 worked examples and Zip Archives to download. It was written to help non-programming Oracle Policy Automation professionals understand what is possible. Professional Programmers can use the examples and extend them / adapt them according to their needs.

Win a Free Copy!

The new book is part of our program of providing useful resources and assistance to the community. Help the OPA Hub Website by filling in the survey below and enter to win a copy of the book and the free goodies we mentioned. We’re attempting to broaden our offerings to include various forms of training and assistance, and your feedback helps us a great deal. We want to serve the community in the best way possible and this is part of that process, learning about your needs.

If you enter the very short survey below and complete the last question, you will be entered into the draw – one person will be drawn at random and will win a copy of the book as soon as it is published (in the New Year 2020) and a bunch of other goodies – a baseball cap, a tee-shirt, a pen and a mug! So what are you waiting for? If for whatever reason, the embedded survey below does not work, you can also access it here.

Enter the Survey to win!

Create your own user feedback survey

Oracle Policy Automation Workshop – Sept 24-27 North America

Oracle Policy Automation Workshop – Sept 24-27 North America

I’m pleased to let you know we are going to be running another Oracle Policy Automation Workshop in September. Thanks to the wonderful Multimedia Video Presence technology, although we plan to run it in either Toronto or Ottawa (depending on the balance of attendees), you can also join from a number of locations in Canada and the United States!

Get in touch using the Contact form or LinkedIn and we can share with you the complete list of locations and the pricing for this event.

Duration and Content

Oracle Policy Automation WorkshopThis is a four day hands-on Workshop which covers all you need to know to be productive in Oracle Policy Modelling and Oracle Policy Automation. The workshop content is available for download on our Oracle Policy Automation Workshop page, and covers all the practical aspects of Oracle Policy Automation and Modelling (including teamwork, collaboration, Hub management and interfaces).

Of course, these workshops are also driven to some extent by the attendees, so you are welcome to ask anything about Oracle Policy Automation, Oracle Siebel CRM, Oracle Service Cloud or Oracle Sales Cloud if we can fit it in, we can discuss



As well as the PDF slide content, everyone who attends will get a copy of Getting Started with Oracle Policy Automation.

This workshop is one in a set of workshops that we deliver all year round:

We also, as co-founders of the Siebel Hub website, design and deliver a variety of Siebel-specific workshops which you can find out about over there.

Delivery Language

This particular Oracle Policy Automation Workshop will be delivered in the English language. If you are looking for la version française, parlons-en!

2018 Policy Automation Focus Group Events : Oracle Blog

2018 Policy Automation Focus Group Events : Oracle Blog

2018 Policy Automation Focus Group Events : Oracle Blog

As Heike mentions on the Oracle Policy Automation Blog, the 2018 Policy Automation Focus Group Events are getting organized :

2018 Policy Automation Focus Group Events We are kicking off our annual Oracle Policy Automation Focus Group events across the globe…

For those of you who have not previously attended these events, they are designed to facilitate collaborative discussions with the OPA Product Development, hear from other customers about their projects, and to give feedback on planned innovations directly to the OPA product development team.

This is an excellent opportunity to connect with Product Development team and network with other OPA customers to learn from previous successful projects and helping drive product priorities.

This of course reminds me that everyone should in any case have already bookmarked the Oracle Policy Automation Blog : it is an excellent source of news about upcoming releases, future trends, chances to meet or listen to the leadership team and generally is the best place to find links to material that might be of interest to anyone in the Oracle Policy Automation or Modelling world.

Which also brings me to the subject of the Oracle Cloud “Try it for free” offer. I think that it is a crying shame that Oracle Policy Automation is neither available as a trial nor even as a one of the other free trials, quick tours, and demos that feature on the same site. It does not take that long to design a video, training course or overview demonstration and to put it up there for the world to see. If Oracle are listening and they have not got the time, the OPA Hub Website would absolutely love to help out!

Finally, as some of you are about to attend the Introduction to Oracle Policy Automation class at Oracle University with me as the instructor, it is good to know that the course has apparently been upgraded to the 17D version, which is a good thing indeed given the age of the previous course release. I look forward to seeing you all in a classroom soon.

Remember to keep checking back here or on the Oracle Policy Automation Blog for more updates about the 2018 Policy Automation Focus Group Events.



Snap Poll : Training – 1 Question, 30 Seconds and a Chance to Win

Snap Poll : Training – 1 Question, 30 Seconds and a Chance to Win

As you all know, the OPA Hub Website tries to provide content and services that meet the needs of all of us who are working with Oracle Policy Automation, and probably Oracle Service Cloud or Oracle Siebel CRM on a day-to-day basis. One of the areas we have been looking at with our partners and content providers is the subject of training. We have a number of different training projects in the pipeline. But read on to find out about our Snap Poll : Training – 1 Question, 30 Seconds and a Chance to Win…

Some of the training we already provide has met with good feedback and seems to fill a gap left by the official training provider. However, we are always eager to find out more. That is why this post contains a snap poll : it is so easy to answer the question it will take you all of 30 seconds. You can register your vote using either an anonymous vote or if you use your OPA Hub Website login you will automatically be entered into a draw to receive a free copy of the Getting Started with Oracle Policy Automation 2018 Edition.

Snap Poll : Training - 1 Question, 30 Seconds and a Chance to Win

This book is so new it is not even in the shops yet, I have just received the first copy from the printers so it is fresh as fresh can be. The book can therefore be yours just for entering our Snap Poll : Training – 1 Question, 30 Seconds and a Chance to Win!

Thank you to everyone who takes part in the spirit of sharing your opinion. The data will be reviewed on the OPA Hub and will be completely anonymised. The name of the voters will only be used to ascertain the winner of the free copy of the book!

What kind of advanced OPA training would you be interested in attending?

Oracle Policy Automation / Siebel : Live Classes in Toronto in February

Oracle Policy Automation / Siebel : Live Classes in Toronto in February

Oracle Policy Automation / Siebel : Live Classes in Toronto in February Update : thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to return to Toronto and deliver Oracle Policy Automation training. It was tremendous fun and I hope everyone had a good time. [16/2/18]

I wanted to tell you about the following events that I am hoping to run as in-class sessions in Toronto. Our friends at DesTech Toronto are hosting the following training events in February. I’ll be delivering them both so I would be very happy to see my Canadian colleagues and friends for these training sessions. Here are the details of the Oracle Policy Automation / Siebel : Live Classes in Toronto in February 2018:

Both of these need just a few more enrolments to confirm they will happen. I figure that a live class with a live instructor will be more effective for OPA customers and colleagues, as opposed to a virtual class. I’m happy to chat about OPA, OSVC, Siebel or anything else (ERP, AI, Bots 🙂 )

If you would like to enrol anyone on these courses, please let Patrice Brown pbrown@destech.com know urgently. I’m counting on you to spread the word!

PS : Every student will get a free copy of my Getting Started with Oracle Policy Automation [2018 Edition] with my compliments. That’s a CAD 65 gift for each attendee.

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