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2018 Policy Automation Focus Group Singapore

For those of you who have not previously attended these events, they are designed to facilitate collaborative discussions with the OPA Product Development, hear from other customers about their projects, and to give feedback on planned innovations directly to the OPA product development team.

This is an excellent opportunity to connect with the Product Development team and network with other OPA customers to learn from previous successful projects and helping drive product priorities.

Save the date and come join us!

Please RSVP to heike.lorenz@oracle.com

Oracle Journey to the Cloud SG

Public cloud shifts capital expenses to operational expenses: It is pay as you go, versus building an entire datacenter, no matter how virtualized it may be. It also has better utilization rates, offering the same spare demand.

We know most businesses aren’t born digital; they need to build on existing foundations. That’s why we work with what you have today to create what you need tomorrow.

Our Oracle Executives and customer will share why you should make the move to public cloud, and how our infrastructure and platform can help you achieve your business outcomes.