Siebel Symbolic URL and OPA

Siebel Symbolic URL and OPA

Last week I was working on Oracle Policy Automation integrated with Siebel. As part of the implementation one of the Oracle Policy Projects is going to be displayed in a Symbolic URL. If you are not a Siebel person, then this is a mechanism to pass arguments to a base URL using an Administration screen. Typical arguments might include the window size, the SSO characteristics and other disposition information.

The reason I mention it here is because the Oracle Policy Automation project had several input attributes mapped to URL arguments. It is worthwhile knowing and remembering that the manner in which Oracle Policy Automation handles these arguments is different to the standard way that Siebel does it.

From the documentation we learn that input attributes thusly mapped are to be provided in one of two ways. The choice depends both on the desired approach and the number of attributes.

  • startsession/ProjectName?seedData=argument%3dWord%20SecondWord

The above method is passing one argument. The URL is encoded.

  • startsession/ProjectName?seedData={name:Word%20SecondWord,assessment_date:2017-01-07}

This second example has two arguments, and uses a JSON snippet. This format allows for multiple input arguments. The principle reason for speaking about these two concepts is that Siebel Symbolic URL tries to code the URL by default. So if it is already coded as above you might get some odd results.

If you are using Siebel therefore you will need to add the following Field to your Symbolic URL definition in Siebel. The EncodeURL command takes a Boolean value so you try and set it to False.

Have a nice day.