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How Oracle Policy Automation Is Helping Shape the Future of Customer Service [BRK1030]

How Oracle Policy Automation Is Helping Shape the Future of Customer Service [BRK1030]

There is a strong argument, as a consultant and trainer, for always attending this kind of breakout. The goals of this Oracle Policy Automation presentation were quite straightforward but very difficult to achieve within a very short timeline.

  1. Explain what OPA is
  2. Demonstrate how much of a game-changer OPA is
  3. Showcase customers who think so too
  4. Explain what is coming up in the product road-map

It was also, for me personally, an opportunity to meet with people I usually only get to communicate with electronically (in this case Davin and also Len who serendipitously was in the line to speak with Davin), and of course a good way to gauge the audience – is OPA picking up speed?

The event started with a two stage overview : first the product architecture :

Oracle Policy Automation

Then a canned video demonstration. But the best part of the demonstration was the payoff at the end. Having shown us a neat business scenario in the video, Davin then proceeded to live demo most of the content from scratch : an awesome way to showcase just how business-friendly Oracle Policy Automation really is.

In the second part of the presentation, Davin showed how some major organizations are using OPA:

In the last part of the presentation, Davin lifted the lid on a few of the changes coming up in the next versions (Safe Harbor Applies) which included the following interesting titbits:

The points that tickled my brain most were :

Inspections in the Mobile App – the ability to see a list of interviews to execute and then synchronize when back online. Healthcare visitors will be very happy with that.

Browser-based : Although businesses love the high-impact nature of Word and Excel and the Modeler, it would be very cool to have the option to work on Rules without them.

I had the chance to ask Davin for more information about Interviews in Siebel, Custom Controls and more. I was very happy he took the time to share all that with the OPA Hub Website, so without telling you too much (otherwise I might have to …).

  1. A Roadmap for Siebel and Oracle Policy Automation Interviews without the constraint of an IFRAME [ooooooh!]
  2. A Roadmap for Oracle Policy Automation Custom Controls and JavaScript better managed and organized and encapsulated [ooooooh!]

Of course these nuggets were all under the Safe Harbor statement so we shouldn’t make assumptions or calculations based on these but as time goes on we can watch out for news on these fronts.

Report from CON7138 : Oracle Policy Automation : Overview and Roadmap

Report from CON7138 : Oracle Policy Automation : Overview and Roadmap

There now follows a brief report from the above session, live at Oracle OpenWorld 2016. Obviously in this session, my main goal is to find out the direction of product development specifically user experience, rule editing and integration. It will also be reassuring if we hear of continued effort to make the product available on public and private cloud.

We should also be treated to an inspiring customer success story from the UK : The Prince’s Trust.

Policy Automation Overview and Strategy

All organisations of any size have acres of policies. They may be external rather than internal and yet everything you do is driven or affected by them.

This is a great slide that shows how pervasive policy is, and how OPA can help you interact with your end customer in so many ways – and the customer expects simple and correct advice. The organisation expects to be able to audit and manage the policies to be agile when rules change.

We tend to forget how many categories of stakeholder can have their world positively impacted by OPA.

The consistency of the response and the auditing capability builds trust.

Nice summary of the OPA family members.

It should be noted that the speaker mentioned the integration with Siebel as a connector. Interesting or just a slip of the tongue.

Today OPA is sold as part of the Servide Cloud Suite. Today the majority of the use cases are in the service arena but also in sales. However it can be integrated into any application.

Recent Enhancements

A really important ability introduced in May: save the interview at checkpoints, even start the interview on one channel and finish it on another.

Statistics have been improved to better understand the usages.

Free navigation and policy cousins to facilitate sharing of assets. Here are just some of the enhancements that have been added over the course of the last year or so.

Future Direction

There are four areas of focus. Making the UX as good as possible. Making better management tools. Improving integrations and making OPA available everywhere.

Notice the above picture looks just like Siebel Open UI : because it is a more dynamic and responsive theme for the interview compare to what OPA users are used to today . I see more controls too : toggles, sliders, password fields and more, such as a focus on making the mobile experience the same. Basically I would hope for a good JavaScript framework, maybe Oracle Jet?

There was a video demo and I came away with the impression of a much better UI.

Notice the slider : that will make simulations more intuitive. I also saw grouped controls and dynamic calculated fields.

Sync with Service Cloud . Good for Field Service.

And perhaps the most revolutionary : browser based rule editing and testing! Great for very agile edge cases.

The other news was that the Batch Automation will get a REST API.

Internet of things : I told you ! OPA has a sweet spot for machine data,  being used to analyse and act on the telematics for Service Requests.

Case Study

Now we have a great case study into the work of the Princes Trust. Being a UK citizen I am familiar with the Trust but the audience appreciated the video and inspires us to learn more of their youth programmes aims at getting them into work, education or training.

Approaching the anniversary of 40 years of the Trust, lifting the hood to think about how to prepare the next 40 years, there was a chance for the Trust look at how they service those who want to interact with them. This transformation process found weaknesses in how they do this, and birthed a roadmap that redesigned the customer journey and processes. This three phase program saw part one go live in November 2016. The platform includes OPA, OBI EE, and Service Cloud and Web Center.

Observe how many high business change areas are leveraging OPA for transformation!

OPA is increased quality, raised quality and improved speed of response. The main lesson : get the integrations sorted up front. Second lesson : get good training and clearly define roles (Woohoo!) What a success story. Hats off to Monad and Enigen.

Great session and proof of the continued investment in Oracle Policy Automation.

Oracle Policy Automation: Overview and Roadmap [CON7138]

Oracle Policy Automation is a strategic differentiator that gets you ahead of the game when it comes to delivering standout service to your customers. Come to this session and hear real-world case studies showing how Oracle Policy Automation has transformed service delivery. You will also hear an overview of the benefits that Oracle Policy Automation provides and the future solution roadmap.
Conference Session
Wednesday, Sep 21, 12:15 p.m. – 1:00 p.m. | Moscone West—2011