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Cloud Operating Model for the UK Public Sector

Cloud Operating Model for the UK Public Sector

Cloud Operating Model for the UK Public Sector

Join us on 31st of May at 12 (midday), for an exclusive live webinar, to discover how can you reduce costs, improve efficiency and reduce the barrier to innovate. To gain these advantages, the IT department needs to expand existing operations and embrace the capabilities which make the Cloud so attractive, all supported by good practice and process, governance and control.

OPA Hub Snap Poll – Current Results

OPA Hub Snap Poll – Current Results

As our first Snap Poll is generating some interesting results, I thought I would post a “situation so far” chart. It is fascinating to see the strength of Siebel CRM in this picture, but also the number of “stand alone” Oracle Policy Automation deployments. Hopefully in the next few weeks we will see some further patterns developing, but that depends on people getting out and voting!

As some of you may know, there are a number of Siebel CRM Roadshows planned for Australia in the coming weeks, and they all contain a significant portion of Oracle Policy Automation related content. If you are able to attend please register using the Event Calendar:

  • Siebel CRM Roadshow (with OPA Strategy Update) Canberra
  • Siebel CRM Roadshow (with OPA Strategy Update) Sydney
  • Siebel CRM Roadshow (with OPA Strategy Update) Melbourne

All of these are a great opportunity to see how Oracle Policy Automation fits into the Oracle Cloud and Oracle Public Sector strategy. As I am currently training new starters who will be working on a project involving Oracle Policy Automation, Siebel and much more, I can see anecdotally that this is a strategy that is bearing fruit.

OPA Hub Snap Poll Results So Far

And now for the results, so far. If you have not voted, please do so. And please share the link to the Snap Poll!

Oracle CX Cloud Local Goverment Seminar Brisbane

Oracle CX Cloud Local Goverment Seminar Brisbane

Social. Mobile. Cloud. Today, for a vast percentage of the population, technologies like these have become integral to everyday life.

To reach citizens in today’s digital age, successful government agencies and departments must adapt and think like digital natives to deliver their services and messages in a way that appeals to the tech-savvy citizens of today.
Join Oracle and at this exclusive roundtable event where we will discuss how to:
  • Engage citizens – balance privacy and personalisation and provide easy to use self service tools for citizens to easily engage with council
  • Provide personalised residents lifecycle experience – for community programs, childcare etc
  • Provide one face for the council – leveraging apps, track digital citizen behaviours
  • Provide best practice contact centre experience – using web self service, phone, chat, social channels, knowledge management

A variety of experts will share their experiences and outline some of the modern best practices used today to improve the citizen experience when engaging with the council.

Report from [CON7186] Siebel CRM: Managing Public Sector Relationships Through Diverse Channels

Report from [CON7186] Siebel CRM: Managing Public Sector Relationships Through Diverse Channels

There now follows a brief report from the above session, live at Oracle OpenWorld 2016.

Welcome the government of Ontario for an exciting discussion of these customer success stories at the ministries of Education and Transportation. This modernization focused journey aims to transform people, processes and technologies to better focus.

The reader will notice the presence of  Siebel CRM and Oracle Policy Automation and the speaker explained the thousands of rules that are managed, and the agility that OPA brings.

The green screen will be familiar to many in Public Sector :). The client-centric approach that is in the modernisation plan leverages BI to better understand the policy usage.

After the green, bring on the blue! The reader will see Siebel Task-based UI and their application also includes the OPA Connector for Siebel. The challenges that remain are also familiar to many : migrating from multiple disparate systems with fairly open data structures to controlled structure and then mapping all these data structures.

The successes are all driving the client-centric vision.

There are lots of successes but the story is not over;

The roadmap includes strengthening the one record model, increasing OPA usage and service architecture.

The second part of this presentation looks at the Ministry of Education in Ontario. The context is framed with messages coming out of this conference : digital transformation, data for evidence-based decision making.

The slide above provides some practical context. But what were the drivers? Citizens expectation for service delivery was a main driver. The second driver was the need for the data to be made accessible in other government services to make evidence based decisions. Siebel was the key part of the physical investment – and the messages coming out of Oracle in respect of investment in Siebel will have been very reassuring.

An amusing aside – Oracle matrices are always in the 90-95% range.

Of course the slide above does not tell the complete story, but the solutions are driving transformation, and the scalability of the solution will allow other departments and ministries to get onboard.

The multi-organisation nature of Siebel and the experience gained with Siebel now allows new lines of business to be brought onboard to Case Management On Demand. The stack looks like this;

Looking further towards the increased scale, there are lots of opportunities, reminding us of the key concepts of digital transformation and data sharing.

There are of course many challenges in the journey.

Interestingly the arrival of Open UI and the renewed investment in Siebel by Oracle seem to have arrived at the right time, not just Open UI for the UX but also to enable a much higher accessibility rating (93%)  compared to with HI (63%). We end on some screenshots:

Great work and great focus!

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