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Oracle Policy Automation and Siebel

Oracle Policy Automation and Siebel

My co-writers over on the Siebel Hub participated in a recent successful online event with OnTheMove Software, who provide mobility solutions for Siebel and other CRM systems. They are good friends of the Siebel and OPA Hub Websites, and it was a pleasure to take part in their popular event. You may recall last year’s event.

Although the subject of the day was very much Siebel, The OPA Hub Website was able to deliver a presentation about the ability of Oracle Policy Automation to “fill some gaps” left by Siebel. To be more specific, Siebel 2018 has recently been released and is a fantastic, elastic modern application with a fully Cloud-aware architecture. All the old legacy artefacts (files like the compiled SRF, web templates and so on) have been removed and the proprietary elements of the architecture replaced with more modern, open-source, cloud-friendly elements.

But the development tools are, at the moment, not keeping pace with this move to the Cloud. And as the Cloud is perceived as more accessible, more friendly (more fun!), the users and developers in the Cloud have a hard time keeping up with the need to provide modern platforms for developing, deploying and using the CRM.

That’s where Oracle Policy Automation steps in. With it’s incredibly easy, business-friendly natural language approach to putting business policy online and available to any application, with it’s drag and drop no-code user interface, with it’s built-in BI Publisher, with it’s agnostic approach to data model integration – Oracle Policy Automation is the solution. When I meet Siebel customers shaking their head at their thousands of lines of eScript code, when I see them wondering how to accelerate these aspects of development, make them more accessible and more efficient all at the same time, I just want to shout out “Oracle Policy Automation”.

Unusually for me, this presentation also manages to squeeze in three quotes from William Shakespeare. So if you are interested in how Oracle Policy Automation can help accelerate your Siebel CRM deployments, just watch this video.

Thanks as always to David at OnTheMove for his impeccable organisational skills.

Siebel Open Day at OnTheMove (with Oracle Policy Automation)

Siebel Open Day at OnTheMove (with Oracle Policy Automation)

Siebel Open Day at OnTheMove (with Oracle Policy Automation)

OnTheMove Open Day - Oracle Policy AutomationMany thanks to the whole team of OnTheMove for the excellent event on Tuesday in London – Portman Square Radisson Hotel was the venue for a wonderful day of community content, discussion and general link-building around Siebel and of course Oracle Policy Automation. It was great to see some familiar faces, plus to put some faces to familiar names, if you see what I mean.

The content of the date was, obviously, largely dedicated to Siebel. My friend and colleague Alex Hansal gave a presentation about the new blacksheep.js library and we presented, together, the State of Siebel as a summary of the Siebel Hub Survey for 2017.

In amongst all this Siebel-related goodness, the OnTheMove team were kind enough to let the OPA Hub Website present a session on Oracle Policy Automation. More specifically, the transformative power of Oracle Policy Automation and it’s key potential role in Siebel CRM. It tried, in the course of about 30 minutes, to address many of the doubts about how it works, and for Siebel people everywhere, what the difference is between Haley Business Rules and Oracle Policy Automation (that’s a running misconception and joke). I was delighted to see so many attentive faces in the audience (of course they couldn’t escape the room as the doors were locked) and I like to think the presentation went reasonably well. I was also happy to see that the presentation generated a lot of questions along the lines of “Can I use OPA for this…?”.

The presentation I gave is below, if there are any questions please do not hesitate to let me know. We will be organizing other Siebel and Oracle Policy Automation-related live sessions in the near future so please watch this space for news. Currently we are exploring North American and Nordic events for this year.

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