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Getting Started with Oracle Service Cloud Second Edition

Getting Started with Oracle Service Cloud Second Edition

The second edition is here! Helped by some comments from the community (see this conversation in the comments of a previous post), I am very pleased to announce the availability of the second edition of Getting Started with Oracle Service Cloud. A couple of new chapters have been added, and best of all, over fifty exam-style questions have been added to help you prepare for an exam, or an interview or any sort of challenge you might be facing. The answers are available on the publisher’s website¬†(P8 Tech).

The exam layout is as follows, and the Getting Started with Oracle Service Cloud Second Edition chapters are shown alongside for reference purposes. We are going to be adding another 40 or so questions to our online Quiz section, to round out the whole experience.

The book is available now in both paper and electronic formats, from a variety of online and physical vendors. Just go to the publisher’s website and find the easiest way for you to get hold of it.

Here is the list of topics from the Oracle Service Cloud Implementation Essentials exam, and the relevant chapters.

Exam Topic Book Chapter & Comments
Create and implement Workspaces Chapter 4
Create and implement Navigation Sets Chapter 5
Create Customizable Menus Chapter 4
Create Agent Workflows Chapter 11
Create Agent scripts within the Scripts Explorer Chapter 12
Create Profiles Chapter 5
Create Staff Accounts Chapter 4
Describe Password configurations and their functions Chapter 3 and elsewhere
Describe typical answer management components and usage Chapter 9
Manage Search Priority Words Chapter 15
Create and manage Word List Files and the Dictionary Chapter 15
Create and manage Access Levels Chapter 4 & 5
Describe Custom Fields and their usage Chapter 18
Create Business Rules Chapter 10
Explain Standard Text and its application Chapter 8
Explain Service Variables and their application Chapter 6
Create and manage Service Level Agreements Chapter 10
Configure Cloud Monitor Not Service Cloud-specific
Configure Custom Objects Chapter 18
Describe incident management Chapter 8
Manage Message Bases Chapter 3
Manage the System Configuration settings Many Chapters
Explain Mailboxes and their usage Chapter 14
Configure Message Templates and System Interface configurations Chapter 14, Chapter 16
Explain Product, Category, and Disposition usage Chapter 8
Create and manage Guided Assistance and its application Chapter 13
Explain the File Menu and CX options features and their usage Chapter 2
Create and configure Custom Reports Chapter 17
Create and manage Scheduled Reports Chapter 17
Create and manage Surveys and Mailings Chapter 14
Create and manage Chat configurations and rules Chapter 16
Create and manage Co-Browse configurations Chapter 7
Customize and manage Templates, Pages, and Themes Chapter 6, Chapter 7
Describe Customer Portal deployment protocols Chapter 6
Customize and manage Tags, Widgets, and Assets Chapter 6


Getting Started with Oracle Service Cloud : New Book

Getting Started with Oracle Service Cloud : New Book

Getting Started with Oracle Service Cloud : New Book

Oracle Service CloudCo-Founder of the OPA and Siebel Hubs Richard has found the time to write and publish another book in his “Getting Started with” series. After Getting Started with Oracle Policy Automation, here comes Getting Started with Oracle Service Cloud. It’s available now from the usual outlets and from the OPA Hub Shop of course.

Richard explains that the Service Cloud title was a logical addition to the family since Oracle Policy Automation and Siebel CRM are common integration partners for this product. Added to which he said he liked the picture of beetroot and wanted to write a book with it on the cover.

Finally, on a more serious note, preparing for Cloud integrations and hybrid deployments has never been more important to ensure our CRM skills are up-to-date.


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