Oracle Policy Automation May 2017 – New Features #1

Oracle Policy Automation May 2017 – New Features #1

As you may have noticed the latest version of Oracle Policy Automation has hit the virtual shelves. And so, in the fine tradition of the OPA Hub Website, we are going to be reviewing some of these new features.

The first subject is an easy one – the ability to add and work with PDF files as Forms, as well as the traditional RTF files. The workflow is exactly the same – create attributes, give them public names, write rules, then bind explanations to the Form in the Project Tab, Form Pane before opening the Form in your chosen Editor – Word for BI Publisher Desktop, or any PDF FormĀ editor. Clearly Acrobat Reader will not do the job.

The new possibility is accompanied by a new PDF Form Assistant, that looks a little like the screenshot you can see here – notice the ability to select Fields or Explanations, Repeating Fields and so forth to add to the PDF document you are building.

OPA - PDF Form Assistant

For those of you that prefer to watch a walk-through video, we have that too. Just click on the video at the end of the post and see the OPA Hub Website running through a quick PDF Form creation with an example Project as a sort of mini OPA tutorial, with as a bonus some magic disappearing menu items. There will be more aboutĀ Oracle Policy Automation May 2017 in the next few posts here on the OPA Hub Website.