How Oracle Policy Automation Is Helping Shape the Future of Customer Service [CON6977]

Customers now expect “just in time, just for me” advice. In this session learn how to add conversational experiences to your customer service. Quickly deliver online, mobile, and agent-assisted guidance, fully auditable at a low cost. Oracle Policy Automation isn’t like anything else: if you haven’t seen it before, you won’t want to miss this session.
Speaker : Davin Fifield
Davin Fifield is Vice President for Oracle Policy Automation Product Development. With over 20 years experience leading the development of business software applications, Davin is globally responsible for delivering ongoing innovation in the OPA portfolio, as part of Oracle’s suite of cloud applications. Davin passionately believes that businesses should have the power to deliver powerful, intuitive advice and automated decision making at low cost, while also being able to prove how every decision was reached. Prior to joining Oracle Corporation, Davin held executive positions at RuleBurst and Microsoft.