Getting Personal with Oracle Policy Automation THT1410

Getting Personal with Oracle Policy Automation THT1410

I am not sure what it is about Oracle Policy Automation but it certainly seems to bring out the best as far as entertaining CX presentations are concerned.

This session, which covered both guided assistance in Service Cloud and Oracle Policy Automation was no exception. The pretext was discussing personalisation but it was just an excuse to get dressed up for a dating game. And frankly anything which helps evangelise these tools is fine with me.

Although I enjoy the sessions and I think a lot of the crowd gets some information out of  them, I do think it’s a shame that they take place in such a noisy area of the exhibition.

The New Customer 360: Individualized CX [BRK1187]

This session introduced me to the breadth of the Oracle family : this was a session all about data. The data that you hold about your customer. From the traditional view of master data management through to the emerging notion of true, cross-department customer insight. The Customer Experience Cloud Suite includes tools to analyse and augment your customer data to provide true insight.


Customer insight is one of the fundamental and fastest-evolving aspects of CX. I came away stunned by the advanced nature of the intelligence now actionable by customers and the immense depth of third party data available to flesh out the vision of the customer.