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Oracle Policy Automation and Siebel Innovation Pack 16 #4

Oracle Policy Automation and Siebel Innovation Pack 16 #4

Welcome back to part four of our ongoing series about Oracle Policy Automation and Siebel Innovation Pack 16 . This post continues with the setup and testing that began three posts ago. For reference here are the links to the previous parts of the series:

Oracle Policy Automation and Siebel Innovation Pack 16 Load and SaveThis particular article continues working on the core data transfer operations, namely Load and Save. I also have a tendency to call the Save operation Submit, because it reminds me that not only must the request be submitted to Siebel to save any mapped out data, but a response needs to be sent back from Siebel to Oracle Policy Automation to, for example, display a message in Oracle Policy Automation confirming that the save was a success (or whatever).

This need for a two step approach (Save in Siebel and Respond to Oracle Policy Automation) means your Workflow Process is likely to have both typical Siebel Operations to update the database but also typical transformation and response creation like the previous operations.

The example Workflow Process for Save will require, therefore, quite a bit of work before it is fully functional. In the video I try to highlight this, but it is worthwhile mentioning the key issues again here:

  • You will need to extract any data from the hierarchy sent to your by Oracle Policy Automation
  • You might well need to use scripting if the hierarchy you receive has multiple entity instances (for example, the Oracle Policy Automation Project infers multiple vehicles and you want to save each of them in Siebel).
  • You will need to make sure that you create a Response that updates one of the input mapped, load after submit attributes to show it in the Interview.

In this video which follows on from the previous set of SOAP UI tests, build and troubleshoot your Save operation with Siebel CRM to check for errors. There are lots of places where you will need to put in a bit of work on the example Workflow Processes (since they do not actually save much at all) and more complex (and therefore more interesting) business requirements may require a Business Service approach, namely to iterate through multiple instances of data returned to Siebel.

Whilst the videos cannot give you all the details, they definitely will put you in the right direction!

Oracle Policy Automation and Siebel Innovation Pack 16 Load and Save Testing in Siebel

Remember you can find the White Paper and associated files  (at time of writing) at this Oracle Website location.


In the next part of this series, we look at two supplementary operations, GetCheckpoint and SetCheckpoint : whilst a Connection does not have to support these operations, if you plan on allowing users to stop and resume their interview before it is finished then you definitely need these operations. See you next time!


Siebel IP 16 and Oracle Policy Automation 12 Integration : Some Things to Think About

Siebel IP 16 and Oracle Policy Automation 12 Integration : Some Things to Think About

Siebel IP 16 and Oracle Policy Automation 12 IntegrationAs I am now approaching the end of another Siebel and Oracle Policy Automation integration setup, I thought I would take a few moments to list here the different things that may cause you some pain or anguish if you are attempting the same. This list is not exhaustive, and I expect I will be coming back to it from time to time and adding more Siebel IP 16 and Oracle Policy Automation 12 Integration pain points.

The starting point for the integration is the ZIP File provided on the Oracle Policy Automation Blog by the folks at Oracle.

Oracle Policy Automation

  1. Check that you have set the correct access parameters for Anonymous API Access
  2. Check that you have entered the same prefix_{0} in your Connection parameters as the Siebel team have added to their Web Service
  3. Check that the username and password provided in the Connection actually does work in Siebel
  4. If you are testing using the ApplyBenefits Policy Model, remember to use the new version supplied in the ZIP not the one provided when you installed Siebel, to get around the List of Values custom type errors.

Siebel Enterprise

  1. Check the XSL files. Specifically look for missing “field-type” mappings. For example, does your Oracle Policy Automation Project pass Boolean attribute types back and forth? Check that all the relevant  mappings are present in  the file StartInterviewToLoadResponse.xsl. If they are missing, add them accordingly. (In the example file, only number-val, text-val and date-val are present).
  2. Check the Filter Business Services used by the Web Services in Request and Response are in the Respository and compiled in your SRF.
  3. Remember that the example “OPA Submit For PUB Sample Intake Contact.xml” Workflow Process only makes minor updates to Siebel : there is a hard coded reference to updating the Job Title Field with the text “OPA Fan” which you need to get rid of.
  4. As well as making the necessary changes to the Integration Object references, you will need to obtain a reference to the returned PropertySet and iterate through the responses yourself, which will require Scripting or a Business Service-based approach with the Row Set Transformation Toolkit if you have a license for it. Then you will need to adapt the Workflow Process to do whatever you want it to do (records being updated or inserted).
  5. The GetCheckPoint and SetCheckPoint Workflow Processes and associated logic will not function unless you have already installed Oracle Policy Automation Connector for Siebel version 10, since the database tables used in the example are not part of the version 12 integration.

General Advice for Siebel IP 16 and Oracle Policy Automation 12 Integration

It’s no secret that the Message Logging in Oracle Policy Automation Hub is pretty weak. In case of any issues, you are far better off using SoapUI, and setting the Web Service-related, Workflow Process-related and Object Manager-related logging in Siebel to higher than normal levels. Additionally, consider adding “dump to file” steps to the Workflow Processes that you can control using Decision Points based on a “Debug Mode” input variable”.

Mantis Solutions OPA DB Connector : Part Two : Linked Tables, Bind URL variables and more

Mantis Solutions OPA DB Connector : Part Two : Linked Tables, Bind URL variables and more

Readers will recall that last week I provided a quick run-through of the capabilities of the Mantis Solutions OPA DB Connector. Simple to use and lightweight, I see it as a great way to open up legacy data sources easily to Oracle Policy Automation for rapid exploitation.

In this second short video, I wanted to keep going in the same direction as last time :

  • In the first part I decided to highlight a couple of neat features, the dashboard page which provides some neat and simple dynamic graphics for viewing calls to the connector
  • Secondly, the ability to quickly to create bindings to URL variables, for example a row_id (in my case) to load a set of data into the Web Interview. Although I didn’t look at it this time, there is also the ability to create bind mappings which I will investigate in the next video
  • Finally, the creation of a second, linked, table and how to add the necessary foreign key and so forth to be able to refresh the Connection in Oracle Policy Modeling and add a child entity and load that data. You’ll see it didn’t take me very long at all.

My apologies for the very croaky and quiet voice-over on this video, since the last one was recorded I have changed timezone which meant I brought back a cold as a souvenir of Canada. Hopefully by the next video in the series I will be back to full strength. Once again, many thanks to the Mantis Solutions team for putting the environment at my disposal. If you would like to reach out to them (and they would be delighted to chat with you I am quite sure!) then just head on over to their website at Mantis Solutions.com.au.

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