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The Consultant’s Guide to Oracle Intelligent Advisor

Well, it has taken a bit longer than originally intended (the current lockdown kind of slowed things down) but I’m happy to say that the new book is available for preorder now. It’s been retitled and significantly reworked, in the new book we have thirty four chapters and lots of examples in Zip Archives to play with. We’ve really tried to create the Consultant’s Guide to Oracle Intelligent Advisor.

It has been reviewed and many chapters rewritten to be bang up-to-date for Intelligent Advisor latest release 20B. Of course it covers all the things a new starter needs to know, and should be a useful reference to anyone working with Intelligent Advisor. We even fixed all the URLs to match the new standards of Oracle documentation (as I am sure you have noticed, Intelligent Advisor is now in the URLs).

This kind of book of course can only be possible when so many people help out – the Oracle team have been absolutely fantastic, as always, and provided lots of ideas and help. And the readers of this website have also provided so many things for the book, the community really stepped up.

In the next 10 days or so, we will also be releasing the complete set of videos (there are about another fifteen or so to finish in the studio) and they will be available as a package with the book. I’ll let you know as soon as that is done.

For the time being however, you can read all about the Consultant’s Guide to Oracle Intelligent Advisor over on P8 Tech (the Publisher’s Website). The book will be the OPA Hub Shop as well.

Getting Started with Oracle Service Cloud : New Book

Getting Started with Oracle Service Cloud : New Book

Getting Started with Oracle Service Cloud : New Book

Oracle Service CloudCo-Founder of the OPA and Siebel Hubs Richard has found the time to write and publish another book in his “Getting Started with” series. After Getting Started with Oracle Policy Automation, here comes Getting Started with Oracle Service Cloud. It’s available now from the usual outlets and from the OPA Hub Shop of course.

Richard explains that the Service Cloud title was a logical addition to the family since Oracle Policy Automation and Siebel CRM are common integration partners for this product. Added to which he said he liked the picture of beetroot and wanted to write a book with it on the cover.

Finally, on a more serious note, preparing for Cloud integrations and hybrid deployments has never been more important to ensure our CRM skills are up-to-date.


Getting Started with Oracle Policy Automation [2017 Edition]


Getting Started with Oracle Policy Automation [2017 Edition]

I’m delighted to announce that P8 Tech Publishing has just released the second edition of my book, Getting Started with Oracle Policy Automation, the 2017 Edition which covers up to and including the November 2016 release. The book is available as a glossy, colour-filled book or as an eBook. You can pick up your copy using any of the links below. It clocks in at 270 pages plus the index, considerably larger than the previous version. Of course I would like to thank fellow OPA Hub Writer Raj, and all the other helpers who worked behind the scenes to get this new release of Getting Started with Oracle Policy Automation into the shops right at the beginning of the year.

Happy Reading! Keep an eye out for an announcement about our next book project!

Amazon UK

Amazon US

Getting Started with Oracle Policy AutomationGanxy eBooks

Getting Started with Oracle Policy Automation

Competition Coming Soon

Keep your eyes peeled also for an upcoming competition to win a copy of the eBook! I will also be at CX Las Vegas in April, come and say hello if you see me wandering around looking vague (Las Vegas always has that effect on me). I would love to hear ideas for new books or Oracle Policy Automation related content for the OPA Hub Website.

For the most up-to-date information about all the different Oracle Policy Automation books that we have on the market, just go to our Publisher website and review the different titles. P8 Tech publish a wide variety of technical books, not just about Policy Automation but also about Java, JavaScript and other technologies.

Perfect Holiday Reading

Perfect Holiday Reading

A kind owner of my book Getting Started with Oracle Policy Automation sent in the lovely photo below. Peace, quiet and OPA. What more could you want for a holiday read. Besides, looks like the other two passengers have things under control.

OPA Holidays

I’d like to thank Jason for the permission to use his photo and wish him, and all the other kind readers of this blog and the book, a very pleasant vacation. I will be working (already) on a much-expanded Second Edition of the book, which I am planning to submit for publication some time towards the end of the year, probably just before the Christmas Holidays here in Europe. There is a lot to cover and I will be working with my usual team of supporting helpers.

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