Siebel CRM for OPA Developers

Siebel CRM for OPA Developers

Siebel CRM for OPA Developers Background:

This four day workshop introduces Oracle Policy Automation rule developers and other project team members to the Oracle Siebel CRM platform. Given that Siebel CRM is the leading COTS Customer Relationship Management product used in Public Sector, Insurance and Financial Services and that many customers have invested years of expertise in their Siebel CRM platform, there is a high probability that an Oracle Policy Automation professional will work with and integrate into Oracle Siebel CRM at some point. The goal of this workshop is to provide enough exposure to the technical, logical and functional architecture of Oracle Siebel CRM to facilitate understanding how integration occurs with Oracle Policy Automation.


A knowledge of the Oracle Policy Automation Hub and the basic principles of Oracle Policy Modelling are required.


The target environments for this seminar are Siebel Innovation Pack 16, 17 or 18 and Oracle Policy Automation 12.2.x.

Day One:

  1. Siebel CRM Overview
  2. Siebel CRM Product Family and Common Archictecture
  3. Siebel CRM IP 17 and 18 Architecture Evolution
  4. Siebel CRM Navigation and Ergonomics with Siebel Open UI
  5. Siebel CRM Logical Layers (Data, Business, User Interface) Components
  6. Siebel CRM Integration Logical Layers (Data, Business, User Interface) Components
  7. Siebel CRM Administration for Oracle Policy Automation developers

Day Two:

  1. Siebel CRM Configuration Concepts
  2. Siebel CRM Configuration Strategy
  3. Siebel CRM Business Layer Configuration
  4. Siebel CRM User Interface Layer Configuration
  5. Siebel CRM Integration Layer Configuration
  6. Siebel CRM Web Services
  7. Siebel CRM Workflow Processes

Day Three:

  1. Setting Up for Oracle Policy Automation Integration
  2. Working on the Connection Object
  3. Building a Load Connection and Testing
  4. Implementing Load in Siebel CRM
  5. Building a Submit Connection and Testing
  6. Implementing Submit with Siebel CRM

Day Four:

  1. Implementing and Testing SetCheckPoint and GetCheckPoint
  2. Answer and Assess Web Services, REST Services
  3. Implementing IFRAME or JavaScript Integration
  4. Debugging and Error Tracing
  5. Conclusions

Option: A day of consulting to review specific scenarios and requirements

The course materials provided are copies of all slides used, plus recorded videos of all technical content in streaming format.

Oracle Policy Automation and Siebel CRM Integration Training Calendar:

For more information, contact the OPA Hub Website, or our parent company On Demand Education LtdCette formation est également disponible en français.

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