OPA Hub Quiz Winner

Prize Quiz Open Now – Try your Luck!

For those of you who fancy winning a nice set of prizes, the OPA Hub Website Prize Quiz has opened up again for new entrants. It’s extraordinarily humbling to see that since we introduced them, over 1,200 quizzes have been taken.

To help you get in shape for the prize quiz, we are releasing over the next few weeks another 3 short quizzes, which give you the feel of the prize quiz without the stress. And to further incite you to try your luck, we have reset the leaderboard on all the quizzes. So if you are quick you might be top of the leaderboard for a while!

To keep everyone on their toes, the prize quiz has also been updated and now has more questions, some of which are, really quite hard. But they should be fun as an intellectual exercise. Here are some of the prizes that are on offer this time. As well as copies of the JavaScript Extensions for Oracle Policy Modeling book, we have our limited edition mug with our mascot celebrating your OPA Hub Quiz victory.

OPA Hub Quiz Winner

In addition, we will be giving away a an OPA Hub Cap:

OPA Hub Quiz Cap

The results of this round of the quiz will be published on May 31st, 2020, so you have a few weeks to get ready for it.  Just to keep you on your toes, we will be adding further questions to the quiz during the competition period – so if you take it twice, you would not have the same questions in each Quiz. In the meantime of course you can also get some practice by trying our quick and easy quizzes that you will find in the menu above, under (surprise surprise) Quizzes.

It’s only left to us to wish you good luck in the competition, and to ask you if you have ideas for further quizzes, then please reach out!