Policy Automation Function Examples – String Functions

The Policy Modelling tools we look at in the Oracle Policy Modelling training courses are complete with a list of functions for use in building rulebases. Unfortunately there is not always an example to accompany the function explanations. In fact some students find them quite hard to decipher.

So today we are going to give a few Policy Automation Function Examples and some interesting commentary. Our first function area will be the concept of string functions, and in future posts we hope to cover some other areas as well. All of the following (with one minor exception, which we have added for the purposes of using example data) are used to return, modify, convert or otherwise do something to strings (text).

In the following rulebase, we created some attributes for Policy Automation which you can see below, that are used in the function examples.:
Policy Automation - Variables for Text Functions
And here are the different String functions, each one with a short explanation above. 
Policy Automation - String FunctionsBonus Download

 Previously on this website I hosted PDF versions of the String Function on blog posts. You can now find them in my book, Getting Started with Oracle Policy Automation, or of course just download them from the ODE OPA Shop.