Readers of this blog will know that we at ODE are very keen OPA users and we love to deliver the Oracle Policy Automation training courses. These courses are generally excellent, but because of time and content constraints sometimes we do not mention things that are really obvious (but not until you have needed them).

And so today we found ourselves explaining the following:-

When you create a Project, there is a default folder structure that appears in the editor:

Folder Structure OPA ExampleSometimes when you perform actions in the Policy Modeller, such as creating Help Files, these files are added into the folders in your hard disk, but that are not visible in the Modeller:

Commentary Folder in OPA

Sometimes it is useful and necessary to display these files and folders inside Policy Modeller, for a management or just organizational reason. So how to do it? Well, if you select your Project from the Tree, then right click, you will see:-

Add Existing Folder in OPAChoosing the Add Existing Folder option and select the relevant one.

Add Existing Folder Dialog

The folder is added to your Project Tree. And of course you can use the “Add Existing File” option to display any kind of file (tip – choose “All Files”) that may be present in the folder or sub-folder.

Add Folder Results with added FilesOne obvious advantage of this is that now the Modeller can propose the options in the context menu, allowing you some control over the files without having to dip into Windows Explorer.

File Management in OPA

Simple but useful.