Oracle Policy Modelling and Oracle Policy Automation Workshop

Oracle Policy Modelling and Oracle Policy Automation Workshop


This four day seminar introduces trainees to a complete, hands-on view of the Oracle Policy Automation 12 environment. Exercises reinforce presentations on modelling policies, administration of the team, deployment and collaboration and integration.



The seminar assumes no knowledge of Oracle Policy Automation 12. Basic knowledge of Microsoft Office and Windows is assumed. Some knowledge of business software (ERP, CRM or similar) is useful. The target audience is any member (policy designer, modeller, team leader, manager, and administrator) of the Oracle Policy Automation project.



The target environment for this seminar is Oracle Policy Automation 12 18B or later.


Content (Download PDF):

  1. Introduction
  2. Oracle Policy Automation : Architecture
  3. Oracle Policy Automation : Job Roles
  4. Oracle Policy Automation : Software
  5. Oracle Policy Modelling : Basic Principles
  6. Oracle Policy Modelling:  Writing Good Rules
  7. Oracle Policy Modelling:  Attributes and Data Types
  8. Oracle Policy Modelling:  Using Functions
  9. Oracle Policy Modelling:  Basic Interviews
  10. Oracle Policy Modelling:  Enhancing Interviews
  11. Oracle Policy Automation:  Working in Teams
  12. Oracle Policy Automation:  User Roles and Collections
  13. Oracle Policy Automation:  About the Hub Application
  14. Oracle Policy Modelling:  Repository Uploads & Downloads
  15. Oracle Policy Modelling:  Versions & Hub Locations
  16. Oracle Policy Modelling:  Debugging and Deploying
  17. Oracle Policy Automation:  Deployments & Activations
  18. Oracle Policy Automation:  Deployment Types
  19. Oracle Policy Automation:  Testing Deployments
  20. Oracle Policy Modelling:  RTF and PDF Forms
  21. Oracle Policy Modelling:  Advanced Controls
  22. Oracle Policy Modelling:  Validations and Error Management
  23. Oracle Policy Modelling:  Entities, Relationships and Instances
  24. Oracle Policy Modelling:  Writing Rules for Entities
  25. Oracle Policy Modelling:  Connections and Data Mapping
  26. Oracle Policy Automation : Good Practice and Refactoring
  27. Oracle Policy Modelling: Extensions
  28. Summary

Oracle Policy Modelling and Oracle Policy Automation Workshop

The course materials provided are copies of all slides used, plus a copy of the best-selling Oracle Policy Automation book Getting Started with Oracle Policy Automation. Cette formation est également disponible en langue française (support en langue anglaise)

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