Oracle Policy Automation Workshop – Sept 24-27 North America (FINALIZED)

Things are now starting to fall into place with the Oracle Policy Modelling and Oracle Policy Automation Workshop that I mentioned in an earlier post. So first of all, you can join the class from Ottawa, ON, Edison, NJ, King of Prussia, PA and iMVP (live virtual). All are of course welcome. The main base will be Ottawa, ON. If you choose one of the locations above you will be in a high-tech training center with lots of cameras and things – unless you choose live virtual of course in which case you could be in your office or your living room eating donuts and wearing pyjamas.

The last few events we have organized have been a great success and well-received by the students, and we are very thankful for that. We think that the combination of Oracle Policy Automation, Oracle Siebel CRM and Oracle Sales / Oracle Service Cloud experience in one trainer generally means people can ask any question they can think of and we can help them find an answer!

The course outline is now completely ready and you can get all the details by reading the details on the OPA Hub Website Calendar here or directly on the training venue website here. If you are not on the North America East Coast, then please get in touch as we are gradually working on our calendar for West Coast, and Europe / Asia Pacific.

We look forward to seeing you and your colleagues on this or one of our future Oracle Policy Modelling and Oracle Policy Automation Workshops somewhere in the world. If Siebel is more your thing, you will be interested to know we have just launched our Siebel 2018 workshops, over on the Siebel Hub Website – find out more on their calendar.