Oracle Policy Automation JavaScript Extensions

Oracle Policy Automation JavaScript Extensions Background:

This half-day seminar walks the attendees through the high-level architecture and functionalities of the Oracle Policy Automation Extensions for Interviews and Controls.


The seminar assumes familiarity with Interviews and normal Oracle Policy Modelling tasks. A knowledge of the basics of JavaScript are assumed, however the course is also suitable for Intelligent Advisor project consultants who may not have programming backgrounds.


The target environment for this seminar is Oracle Policy Automation 12 August 2017 or later.


  1. Introduction
  2. About the Custom Control Concept
  3. Understanding the Styling Template
  4. Using JavaScript Extensions to Style Interviews and Controls
  5. Understanding the different Control Templates
  6. Using JavaScript to Style basic Controls
  7. Using JavaScript to Style complex Controls
  8. Using jQuery plugins and other external sources
  9. Conclusions

The course materials provided are copies of all slides used, plus recorded videos of all technical content in streaming format. Code examples of Oracle Policy Automation JavaScript Extensions are available for download. Cette formation est également disponible en français.

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