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Oracle Policy Automation and Modelling Training

Oracle Policy Automation and Modelling Training

Today, new and existing Oracle Policy Automation customers are without comprehensive and customised Oracle Policy Automation and Modelling Training solutions to  help them get their project off the ground or boost their internal competencies. The only active training courses relevant to Version 12 are the very high level one day Introduction to Policy Automation and the three day Oracle Policy Modeling for Policy Experts which recycles much of the Version 10 course and fails to provide good real-world examples or any administrative overview. As a direct result of this, On Demand Education Ltd and subsidiary The OPA Hub has decided to step in and offer training equivalent to, and superior to in many ways, the training that was offered.

  1. Customized. We provide more examples, more content and more variety. And we can customise to your needs!
  2. Extended. Interested in going beyond the original topics? We can help.
  3. Languages. On Demand Education Ltd can train in English or French. Examples can be prepared in other languages.
  4. Better value for money. With the ability to train you onsite, at a lesser cost than the original training.

For the avoidance of doubt, this course is delivered using our own exercises, our own slides and our own environments. There is only material created by The OPA Hub. Ces formations sont également disponibles en français.

Why The OPA Hub and On Demand Education Ltd?

I have been training ERP and CRM since 1995, and my connections to Public Sector go back to 1994. I work with Oracle Policy Automation and Oracle Siebel CRM every day as a consultant and educator and have an excellent track record. Please look me up on the professional LinkedIn network and do not hesitate to contact me.

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