OPA Hub Website Supporters Club

OPA Hub Website Supporters Club

We hope that you are all going to be having some time off at the end of this busy year. Here at the OPA Hub Website we have some upcoming changes we need to tell you about, in the form of the OPA Hub Website Supporters Club.

Starting January 1 2020, the OPA Hub Shop functionality will change. The majority  – not all – of the code downloads will become part of a Membership Package called  the OPA Hub Website Supporters Club. In return for unlimited access to the downloads we are asking people for a subscription fee of 5 Euros for 12 months. During those 12 months you can download whatever you need – aside from things like the private download area that comes with the new JavaScript Extensions book.

OPA Hub Website Supporters ClubYou will be supporting this website by paying the hosting bill for the server. So help us by becoming a member of the OPA Hub Website Supporters Club.

So, when you come back after the break and see that the “Buy Now for EUR  0” button has gone, you need to get a subscription. Our plan is to keep some items (like the Code Generator, and the Data Visualiser) free of charge for everyone, so you can continue to make stuff and play with the code. We will also be releasing a few completely  free items just in case you don’t have the money.

With that set of news, we wish you all a wonderful New Year and good holidays and look forward to seeing more of Oracle Intelligent Advisor in 2020. If you are at a loss for what to do next year, note that we have a few ideas for you below:

OPA Workshop – Quebec City

Modern CX Chicago

OPA Workshop – Toronto

We’ll be publishing more of these events in the first weeks of 2020, so we look forward to seeing you in either a customer site, a training event or a speaking engagement.

Have a great weekend and see you all soon.

PS The OPA Hub Website will continue to publish and function over the holidays.

Richard Napier

Author: Richard Napier

Richard Napier joined Siebel Systems in 1999 and took up the role of managing the nascent Siebel University in Southern Europe. He subsequently was Director of Business Development and Education for InFact Group (now part of Business & Decisions) for 8 years. He now runs his Consulting and mentoring company, On Demand Consulting & Education Ltd and has run ODCE since 2010. Owner of the OPA Hub, he also is Co-Founder of the Siebel Hub.

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