Oracle Policy Automation  – Whats New in Version 12 Video 2

In spite of a very heavy cold which has meant a lot of coughing and sneezing had to be edited out of this video, we manfully struggle on (reaching for a OPA Hub - Oracle Policy Automation - Whats New in Version 12small violin) and look at the working practices that change with the arrival of the Oracle Policy Automation Hub web application. In particular in this video we look at connecting to the Hub whilst in the Modeler, and how we can upload and download Rulebases, deploy and so on. The principles are easy to grasp in the accompanying video.

We also take a look at how our working practice of importing external data models using for example, a Plugin, has now changed thanks to the arrival of the new Connections feature in Version 12. We demonstrate connecting to a source and using the information to create mapped Entities and Attributes in our Policy Modelling Project.

Finally we show the visual differences feature where we can review changes before uploading them to the Policy Automation Hub and if need be, we can revert to the previous version. This video was recorded using the 12.2 platform downloaded from the Policy Automation website, and WebLogic 12c, and MySQL 5. The entire environment is mounted on windows 2008 64bit R2 within a virtual machine running on Virtual Box.

Until next time and hopefully a little less sneezing during videos.