OPA 10 – Missing “It is currently known”

OPA 10 – Missing “It is currently known” in a non-English language

This is an old one but it comes up now and again. Discussing with an Oracle Policy Modeler user (that was running Policy Automation in version 10.3) the other day, she remarked upon the lack of support for “it is currently known” or “it is currently unknown” in the rule language of choice of the user and how something that worked fine in another project (using a later version) did not compile at all in 10.3.  The solutions was to modify the relevant template file to provide the French mapping for the relevant English phrase.

In the installation folders of the relevant Oracle Policy Modeler, the templates.xml file can be located : choose the file relevant to the language needed (in this case for example the folder was “C:\….Policy Modeling\language\French\templates.xml”).

In this file we can see the different template of english phrases (for example, “currently known” or “currently unknown”) mappings to their non-English translations. If necessary, add the relevant Statement Operators and Variable Operators to the file, and restart Oracle Policy Modeler.

Check the existence of, or add t the following in the “statement operator” section of the file:

OPA 10 - Statement Operators

And the following  to the “variable operators” section of the same file:

OPA 10 -Variable Operators

These modifications allowed the documents in French to compile and be used. There are quite a few similar posts hanging around on the Internet, for example here is one involving Swedish.

Of course one should pay close attention to the XML file structure, and where possible use an existing language XML to help model the correct elements in your chosen language to create a valid XML structure for your templates.xml. In this case the easiest approach was to search for “currently known” in an existing file and work from there.

Richard Napier

Author: Richard Napier

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