New OPA Video : Getting Started with Oracle Policy Modeling #1

As part of our oft-stated objective to make Oracle Policy Automation and Oracle Policy Modeling more accessible to new starters, we have just begun a new series of video sequences aimed at demystifing what the family of Policy Automation applications actually does.

Evangelization is a very important part of the education process that has to take place, not just here on the Web but of course at every customer where Oracle Policy Automation is going to be used. It’s not because it is new and shiny and because it uses Microsoft Word that everyone is going to be welcoming it with open arms, far from it. So we address this in a hopefully amusing and slightly breathless (less than 8 minutes!) video. Enjoy and check back for more in the coming days.

Oracle Policy Modeling

Getting Started with Oracle Policy Modeling #1

There will be more videos in this series about Oracle Policy Automation coming soon. You can follow them either on the Youtube Channel or on our Video Gallery page.