New OPA Quizzes : Helping you learn Oracle Policy Automation

 learn Oracle Policy AutomationWe’ve begun rolling out our latest feature, namely interactive quizzes for you to test yourself on Oracle Policy Automation and Modeling. We are always looking for ways to help you learn Oracle Policy Automation.

The first two chapters are now live on the site, and we will be adding more and more as the weeks go by. The quizzes are free of course and we maintain a leaderboard for each quiz so you can see how well you have done.

In the next few weeks we will also be publishing the complete chapter set as one, giant quiz for you to use in your preparation for your next interview, or even as a preparation for your upcoming certification examination if you are planning on taking one. In any case we hope that you enjoy them and have fun with them. Share them with your friends as you  learn Oracle Policy Automation.

And while you are at it, reward yourself with a mug from the Shop. Maybe we will give away a few mugs at the end of the year to the Leaderboard Winners. Yes, that’s a nice idea. At the following page you will find the OPA Quizzes and the links to the OPA Quiz Leaderboards.