Natural Language in Oracle Policy Modeler- Missing Translations

One of the things that irritates me, and I am sure (since I ask) other people is the lack of support for natural language versions of some pretty basic functions. For example, in English you can write (this is a screenshot in version 12 of Oracle Policy Modeler, in a Microsoft Word document) the following conclusion using a natural language “long form” function on the right hand side of the equals sign:

english natural language

This is a pretty standard function (the current date time) and I can think of gazillions of places where you would neeed to use it. In French, for example, the identical conclusion in a similar Project would need to look like this, where you can immediately see the section after the equals sign is no longer in natural language “long form”. You can find the function in the French function reference on the web here:


So why is this function not available to be written in “long form” in French (and in a number of other supported languages)? This is because of the lack of natural language French equivalent for the “current date time” function, in the dictionary file. Now I’m not suggesting this is a showstopper, but natural language is one of the biggest selling points of Oracle Policy Modeler in respect of working with non-technical team members. So it would be nice to see a more complete investment in providing translations for common functions.

For esoteric ones, I get it, it can be hard, But this is an easy one and a translation can readily be found. In a few days we will take a look at how to resolve this kind of issue.