Jargon Busting

The world we work in loves jargon. Let’s face it, many of the terms we work with (CRM, SRF, SEM) are impenetrable to the outside world in the wide sense. Worse still, the terms we love mean various things to different people. Some Siebel-related or Oracle Policy Automation-related terminology surprises:

  • Crew Resource Management (CRM) in aviation
  • Solid Recovered Fuels (SRF)  in waste and energy management
  • Standard Error of the Mean (SEM) in statistics
  • OPA – Offre Public d’achat – public share offering
  • Oracle Policy Modelling (OPM) – Office of personnel management

Any time new students and new vocabulary meet, there is bound to be an interesting jargon busting challenge in the training room. Policy Automation is a great example. Inference, Forward and Backward Chaining, Determination, Constrained Natural Language (ha!), they all get us in a bit of a spin.

So we decided to begin a “jargon buster” micro-lecture series for Policy Automation. Read them on this blog and hopefully it will accelerate your learning as you delve into Oracle Policy Automation.