Getting Started with Oracle Policy Automation [2017 Edition]

I’m delighted to announce that P8 Tech Publishing has just released the second edition of my book, Getting Started with Oracle Policy Automation, the 2017 Edition which covers up to and including the November 2016 release. The book is available as a glossy, colour-filled book or as an eBook. You can pick up your copy using any of the links below. It clocks in at 270 pages plus the index, considerably larger than the previous version. Of course I would like to thank fellow OPA Hub Writer Raj, and all the other helpers who worked behind the scenes to get this new release of Getting Started with Oracle Policy Automation into the shops right at the beginning of the year.

Happy Reading! Keep an eye out for an announcement about our next book project!


Competition Coming Soon

Keep your eyes peeled also for an upcoming competition to win a copy of the eBook! I will also be at CX Las Vegas in April, come and say hello if you see me wandering around looking vague (Las Vegas always has that effect on me). I would love to hear ideas for new books or Oracle Policy Automation related content for the OPA Hub Website.