Get the Most Out of Modern Customer Experience in Las Vegas 2017

The OPA Hub is going to Las Vegas this year to report on the many different Oracle Service Cloud and Oracle Policy Automation presentations and breakout sessions. We should have enough time to at least blog about a few of them in real-time, or if not just with a few hours of delay so that our European visitors can maybe read them before going to bed.

I have decided to attend the conference in two parts. In the first part of Modern Customer Experience I will be attending some of the training events around Oracle Service Cloud :

  • Ignite Your Agents – a Kickstart to Automating Your Desktop
  • Customer Portal for Non-Developers – Sponsored by Helix

I will be sure to give some feedback/ share and titbits I glean on those two sessions. There are lots of presentations and breakouts at Modern Customer Experience that will be of interest, I have added them to the OPA Hub Calendar for reference and list the main ones that we will attempt to report on here:

There are no upcoming events at this time.