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Nebulogic Technologies

Contact: Hosna Keyhan
Office 5700 Granite Parkway Plano TX 75024 United States Office Phone: +1 972-335-0699 Website: Website
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At NebuLogic, our job is to make sense out of your “cloud computing” needs and make the technology accessible and useful to your business. At any time and at any place, any part of the information that your company owns or requires can be available to your personnel through their laptops, tablets, or even their cell phones. Imagine the efficiencies and the cost-cuttings that can be achieved by having the right data at the right time.


Oracle CX, Oracle CRM on Demand, Oracl Policy Automation, Cloud Computing, Java, .NET, Oracle Applications, Resource Management, PMP, Quality Assurance, Agile Methodologies, Cisco, Avaya, Telephonic Integration, Windows Computing

Categories: CX Expertise, Integration, Rule Design, UX Improvement

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