Creating a Form in OPA 12 aka BI Publisher

Creating a Form in OPA 12 aka BI Publisher

The improved workflow and more intuitive interface of Oracle Policy Modelling version 12 sometimes leaves me scratching my head. I mean, having grown so used to the vocabulary of the previous version 10, I cannot always “connect” the new to the old version. Take for the example, the concept of making a BI Publisher Report to provide documentation at the end of the Web Determination. In version 10, when building my Screen File I can go ahead and make my document and I feel quite at home with the way it is displayed.

OPA 10 - Create Document

Being a bit of a slow learner I was utterly confused by the version 12 workflow at first. But now that I have gotten in in my head, it makes so much more sense. So here for the benefit of those like me who wonder a bit how to do it, is a short walk-through.

Firstly, let us assume that you have a Project created and that you have some rules. To be able to use the Attributes in your Form, make sure they have Public Names. You can see what I mean in this screenshot. The Attributes highlighted will be available to me when I go ahead and create the “Form”.

OPA 12 - Public Names

Now I am ready to go the the Project Tab and select the Form option from the Task Bar on the left.

I can go ahead and click New to create a New Form. Incidentally the French translation for “New Form” is “Nouveau Panneau” which is totally weird, kind of “New Roadsign” but that is not the subject of this post. The Form will assume the use of the region defined in your Project. Creating further translations of the same Form for different languages requires a bit of copy and paste as documented here in the Online Documentation Library.

OPA 12 - Create Document Step Two

The new most important thing is to ensure that you have added the different aspects that you need to your Form. After all, you are probably quite interested in using it to explain something to the user. So click the Explanations button on the right. Don’t be surprised if you don’t see everything – you will only see Attributes that are proved by a rule (and therefore need an explanation in my view) and that have Public Names.

OPA 12 - Add Explanations

The final step for this stage is to click the Edit button and open the Template. You might have already noticed the handy hyperlink to download BI Publisher Desktop if you do not already have it. To be able to really work with your BI Publisher Template you will of course need to load up some “sample data” – or to be more exact, the structure of the data from your Attributes – so go ahead and click the Sample Data button  in the BI Publisher Ribbon in Word. Your file will be in Documents\Oracle Policy Modeling Projects\PROJECT\FormTemplates\REGION ready to load into Word.

OPA 12 - Form Fields

Once you have done that, you should be able to access the Field List and also you should notice that the different buttons of the BI Publisher Ribbon are active. So you are all set to begin creating your Form.

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