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Meet the Team

Meet the Team

Main Author

  • Richard Napier writes for the OPA Hub  and is also Co-founder of the Siebel Hub. Author of Getting Started with Oracle Policy Automation and Getting Started with Oracle Service Cloud
  • Specializing in Oracle Siebel CRM (hosted and on-premise) , Oracle Policy Automation,  Oracle Service Cloud consulting and education for customers (private and public sector), partners and software developers.
  • Leveraging over 25 years of experience and contacts within the industry and client base to deliver strategic business development in practical terms.
  • Worldwide experience of application software industry and it’s education business with numerous regional contacts and delivery capabilities.

Guest Authors

  • Dr Jason Sender
  • A Software Architect with five degrees (including a PhD and an MBA) and experience in management, business analysis, project management, finance, research, and strategy.
  • Specialties: Oracle Policy Automation (OPA)/Oracle Policy Modeling (OPM), Software Engineering, Business Analysis, Project Management, Research, Analysis, Strategy, Finance, and Consulting. He can be contacted via LinkedIn
  • Raj Nandyala is an expert voice in the fields of Oracle Siebel CRM, Oracle Sales and Service Cloud and Oracle CRM On Demand.
  • Raj is a  long time Oracle Policy Automation trainer, writer and consultant based in Asia Pacific and operating around the world. Raj is a former Director at Creative Probers Software and Services India Pvt Ltd, and former Director at InFact Group.
  • In both of these roles he was instrumental in growing the Oracle Policy Automation business line through integrations and project deployments.