Consulting Services

These are just examples of the kind of consulting services we provide. Contact us to learn more.

Intelligent Advisor Consulting Services

Let us analyse your requirement, scope the specifications and deliver the solution with support and documentation. Or, let us build your prototype or proof of concept to raise the profile of Intelligent Advisor within your organisation. Either way we can help you get on board with best practices, advise on technical and functional challenges and leverage our experience with CRM and OPA to get your Project running.

Oracle Policy Automation Migration Services

If you are moving from an older version, use our services to ensure that the rules and screens in your Projects are migrated to ensure higher maintainability and best practice design.

Oracle Policy Automation Custom Extensions

Building and deploying JavaScript extensions for Intelligent Advisor to enrich the user experience of Interviews. Whether it be graphical elements such as charts and animations, navigational assistance such as embedded help or optimizing screen real estate with improved scrollable zones, we can help you provide your users with the best Interview they have ever had.


With our Mentoring Service, we customise and design your own, bespoke series of events (web conference, on-site meeting, workshops, design tutorials, analysis sessions) to drive your team forward and create the solutions specific to your needs. This can be combined with Education Services to raise the competency level of your group.

Competency Centre Construction

With our Competency Centre Building, we scope with you the interaction between your team and ours, in the goal of bringing your in-house team up to speed on the product and best practices. We can accompany your team for one month or six, building, documenting, sharing knowledge to grow your internal team. We can also assist with Certification preparation.

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