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Guest Post : Time Based Reasoning Worked Example

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Welcome to Raj, our new Content Creator!

Welcome to Raj, our new Content Creator!

It is with the greatest pleasure that ODE OPA Blog welcomes Raj Nandyala to our website.

As we continue to grow our range of content about Oracle Policy Automation here on the site, we are very excited to have Raj on board. Raj and I go back a very long way, and I have the utmost respect for him in the Oracle Policy Automation field and in the CX world in general.

His unique insights and experience are a great scoop for the ODE OPA Blog, and we are looking forward to growing our content further with his input.

Raj Nandyala – Profile

An expert voice in the fields of Siebel CRM, Oracle CX and CRM On Demand,  long time Oracle Policy Automation trainer, writer and consultant. Former Director, Creative Probers Software and Services India Pvt Ltd, and former Director, InFact Group.

Raj already has an article in the pipeline, based on his very successful training sessions – he calls it the “lazy expert”. I’m not sure if he is referring to anyone in particular – actually I know he is referring to Oracle Policy Automation itself.

Look out for articles with his byline in the coming weeks, and we hope to have some more news about his contributions in the near future.