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How Oracle Policy Automation Is Helping Shape the Future of Customer Service [BRK1030]

How Oracle Policy Automation Is Helping Shape the Future of Customer Service [BRK1030]

There is a strong argument, as a consultant and trainer, for always attending this kind of breakout. The goals of this Oracle Policy Automation presentation were quite straightforward but very difficult to achieve within a very short timeline.

  1. Explain what OPA is
  2. Demonstrate how much of a game-changer OPA is
  3. Showcase customers who think so too
  4. Explain what is coming up in the product road-map

It was also, for me personally, an opportunity to meet with people I usually only get to communicate with electronically (in this case Davin and also Len who serendipitously was in the line to speak with Davin), and of course a good way to gauge the audience – is OPA picking up speed?

The event started with a two stage overview : first the product architecture :

Oracle Policy Automation

Then a canned video demonstration. But the best part of the demonstration was the payoff at the end. Having shown us a neat business scenario in the video, Davin then proceeded to live demo most of the content from scratch : an awesome way to showcase just how business-friendly Oracle Policy Automation really is.

In the second part of the presentation, Davin showed how some major organizations are using OPA:

In the last part of the presentation, Davin lifted the lid on a few of the changes coming up in the next versions (Safe Harbor Applies) which included the following interesting titbits:

The points that tickled my brain most were :

Inspections in the Mobile App – the ability to see a list of interviews to execute and then synchronize when back online. Healthcare visitors will be very happy with that.

Browser-based : Although businesses love the high-impact nature of Word and Excel and the Modeler, it would be very cool to have the option to work on Rules without them.

I had the chance to ask Davin for more information about Interviews in Siebel, Custom Controls and more. I was very happy he took the time to share all that with the OPA Hub Website, so without telling you too much (otherwise I might have to …).

  1. A Roadmap for Siebel and Oracle Policy Automation Interviews without the constraint of an IFRAME [ooooooh!]
  2. A Roadmap for Oracle Policy Automation Custom Controls and JavaScript better managed and organized and encapsulated [ooooooh!]

Of course these nuggets were all under the Safe Harbor statement so we shouldn’t make assumptions or calculations based on these but as time goes on we can watch out for news on these fronts.

OPA Mobile App and SDK – Snap Poll

OPA Mobile App and SDK – Snap Poll

Please vote in our Snap Poll

We are running a new Snap Poll on this website to discover a little bit more about the usage of the OPA Mobile App in the wild. The Mobile App, available for Android and iOS devices allows the user to use Policy Models that have been selected for Mobile Deployment on the Oracle Policy Automation Hub application, and can be targeted easily at a subset of users by means of a Role addition.

The Mobile App provides a device-optimized user interface and features such as easy pause and resume. The Oracle Policy Automation (OPA) Mobile SDK provides a cross-platform solution for developers to build disconnected interactive experiences for mobile devices. The SDK is provided within a Mobile Application Archive (MAA) for use with the Oracle Mobile Application Framework (MAF) in JDeveloper.

The MAA gives developers an API for displaying interviews, downloading policy models from Policy Automation Hub and various other services that are useful for building custom mobile advice applications around OPA policy models. Using the session data XML format, data can be loaded into a mobile interview before it is displayed, and retrieved during and after the interview. Obviously the API represents a different and more complex project but does have the capability to be configured specifically to meet  customer requirements.

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