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Modern CX 2019 Las Vegas

Modern CX 2019 Las Vegas

I’ve been going to events like Modern CX 2019 and various predecessors for the best part of 20 years. Generally when going to these things, I am reminded of Shakespeare’s As You Like It :

“And then the whining school-boy, with his satchel and shining morning face, creeping like a snail unwillingly to school”

Some of the larger events can feel like one is going to school, or worse. But I have to be honest and say that Modern CX is not one of those. This year, back in Las Vegas Mandalay Bay Convention Center, the Modern CX 2019 event was definitely one of the best I have attended, all software houses combined.

What made Modern CX 2019 special?

  • Events that seemed designed to bring the right people together, like meetups, a great concept where customers could speak freely, chat with others, learn and share.
  • An advocacy platform, the CX Hero Hub, actually designed to help and develop the people and stories that define the brand.
  • Sessions that focussed on the customer stories; gone were the turgid exposés of new products that were little better than PDF handouts.
  • Keynotes that actually taught something. I particularly liked the presenters : Ann Handley, Rob Tarkoff and Mick Ebeling all stood out for me.
  • Of course, the general sessions are always packed and you can depend on Jeffrey Wartgow, George Jacob and the others to give a good show.

Oracle Policy Automation is growing in popularity and reach, and the visiting conference attendees were more eager than ever to find out about it. They were well served with some great presentations from the likes of Legal Aid Ontario, Kenya Revenue Authority, Beach Body and more.

What Lies Ahead?

I’m acutely aware however that we still, as a community, need to make our case for Oracle Policy Automation in a clear and concise way.

So I was very honored to be asked to help present one of the sessions and the OPA Meetup. It was fascinating to see how many “eyes were opened” as to the power of Oracle Policy Automation both in that session and the others organized and executed by the dream team of Davin Fifield, Heike Lorenz, and Harriet Franklin.

Here’s a photo of one of those moments I’ll never forget : spinning a wheel in Las Vegas with Heike.

See you there next year.

Modern CX 2019

Modern CX 2019 Las Vegas – Come Say Hi!

Modern CX 2019 Las Vegas – Come Say Hi!

As many of you will know, Modern CX 2019 is being held in March, 19-21 at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas. It’s a bigger draw, in my humble opinion, for CX and CRM people, than Oracle OpenWorld in San Francisco. I attend both in general, and find that Modern CX is a much more focused and entertaining affair. I’m just sharing my 2 cents. I also enjoy OpenWorld because I get to see a host of very old friends and ex-colleagues but the “vibe” is different.

Anyway, you don’t care what I think. But I would love to meet up with some of you (or all of you, but I don’t think there would be enough space in the room – we broke the bar of 500 registered visitors a few weeks ago – and I wouldn’t be able to pay for a round of coffees or drinks) in Las Vegas.

Modern CX Las Vegas

I’m speaking at the following sessions:

Time to Innovate: Enhance the Customer Experiences You Can Provide [SPT2169]
In this Modern CX session learn how to create unique experiences that are dynamic and personalized for each individual. This session is perfect for businesses seeking to build customer loyalty to differentiate themselves from their competitors using intelligent advice powered by Oracle Policy Automation.

It should be a lot of fun, so send over your colleagues who struggle with finding out what OPA can do, what industries it applies to, and how others do it. Or if you just want to pop by and say “Hi” that would be great too.

I will also be hosting the following OPA Meetup at Modern CX 2019, which might be of interest to those of you who already use Oracle Policy Automation but you want to chat with other people and find out great ways other people are using it.

Oracle Policy Automation Meetup [TOP2625]
If you’re using Oracle Policy Automation, join this meetup to connect with other Policy Automation customers. Come prepared to discuss innovative use cases, best practices, tips and tricks. Richard Napier, who runs the OPA Hub Website, will be facilitating this meetup.
You can find both of them quickly with this search. I look forward to seeing you there, don’t hesitate to reach out to me on LinkedIn as well, if you cannot find me!

Oracle Policy Automation Customer Showcase: Great Customer Experience, Real ROI [BRK1009]

Oracle Policy Automation Customer Showcase: Great Customer Experience, Real ROI [BRK1009]

What better way to finish my series of reports from the Modern Customer Experience event in Las Vegas than the showcase of several really fascinating use cases for Oracle Policy Automation. This session, held on Thursday morning, was also a chance to congratulate the winners of the first Oracle Policy Automation implementation award (I have actually forgotten the exact name of the award but you get the idea).

So without further ado, here are the customers that were showcased:

  • Travelport
  • Massachusetts Substance Abuse Helpline
  • Rockwell Automation
  • United States Air Force

Travelport were the award winners, and perhaps the most striking thing about their presentation was the fact that the actual policy that was being automated was very simple : three fields of information were enough to get it done. They implemented this as part of a wider workflow that solved a recurring problem when interacting with their audience – authentication needing to be reset. By implementing an Oracle Policy Automation project and workflow to automate the actual resetting of the authentication, they achieved striking gains in time to fix the problem and of course freed up their contact center agents to get on with more pressing issues. It is not always about the big ticket items : the massively complex processes – in this case it was about the frequency of a simple task appearing in the contact center.

Rockwell Automation presented a very entertaining section of the showcase highlighting a more traditional use case : an online form facilitating a decision-making process, in this case preparation of a visit to a site. The impressive way this single Oracle Policy Automation project has lowered the time to get this processed, and the change in user behavior – now the user is aware of what information is going to be asked for they prepare better – are metrics that nobody can ignore.

United States Air Force presented a very rich set of potential use cases for Oracle Policy Automation. Being an environment driven by checklists and instructions issued from management structures, it is ripe for large numbers of policies to be automated. The demonstrated example, helping engage with potential recruits by letting them know what reservist recruitment was occuring, was a classic case of using a well defined interview to filter and present the correct list of job instances. The other potential use cases were myriad (and some of them are listed in the photos below.

Massachusetts Substance Abuse Helpline was an interesting case where the increase in usage of the web by people seeking information was leveraged with Policy Automation, but the overall goal was also to drive people to contact the organization – a case of getting the website right to ensure the visitor got the information they needed to take things forward. This was a deployment delivered in partnership with Nebulogic Technologies.

The images speak for themselves.

How Oracle Policy Automation Is Helping Shape the Future of Customer Service [BRK1030]

How Oracle Policy Automation Is Helping Shape the Future of Customer Service [BRK1030]

There is a strong argument, as a consultant and trainer, for always attending this kind of breakout. The goals of this Oracle Policy Automation presentation were quite straightforward but very difficult to achieve within a very short timeline.

  1. Explain what OPA is
  2. Demonstrate how much of a game-changer OPA is
  3. Showcase customers who think so too
  4. Explain what is coming up in the product road-map

It was also, for me personally, an opportunity to meet with people I usually only get to communicate with electronically (in this case Davin and also Len who serendipitously was in the line to speak with Davin), and of course a good way to gauge the audience – is OPA picking up speed?

The event started with a two stage overview : first the product architecture :

Oracle Policy Automation

Then a canned video demonstration. But the best part of the demonstration was the payoff at the end. Having shown us a neat business scenario in the video, Davin then proceeded to live demo most of the content from scratch : an awesome way to showcase just how business-friendly Oracle Policy Automation really is.

In the second part of the presentation, Davin showed how some major organizations are using OPA:

In the last part of the presentation, Davin lifted the lid on a few of the changes coming up in the next versions (Safe Harbor Applies) which included the following interesting titbits:

The points that tickled my brain most were :

Inspections in the Mobile App – the ability to see a list of interviews to execute and then synchronize when back online. Healthcare visitors will be very happy with that.

Browser-based : Although businesses love the high-impact nature of Word and Excel and the Modeler, it would be very cool to have the option to work on Rules without them.

I had the chance to ask Davin for more information about Interviews in Siebel, Custom Controls and more. I was very happy he took the time to share all that with the OPA Hub Website, so without telling you too much (otherwise I might have to …).

  1. A Roadmap for Siebel and Oracle Policy Automation Interviews without the constraint of an IFRAME [ooooooh!]
  2. A Roadmap for Oracle Policy Automation Custom Controls and JavaScript better managed and organized and encapsulated [ooooooh!]

Of course these nuggets were all under the Safe Harbor statement so we shouldn’t make assumptions or calculations based on these but as time goes on we can watch out for news on these fronts.

General Session: Next Generation of Customer Service [GEN1048]

General Session: Next Generation of Customer Service [GEN1048]

Awesome general session looking at the evolution of customer service, the evolution of humans (have you seen how kids use technology today?) and the evolution of channels.

The key theme was organic, knowledge driven customer service. There is so much out there but the next challenge will be to unify all the data, predict and automate decisions, and finally unlocking that tribal knowledge that we can call yelp, TripAdvisor and the masses of other human-driven sites in the data Cloud. What about all those power users out there : in fact most of us would say we are power users of the software we work with.

The demonstration with BeachBody and Directly was a fantastic example of this new concept of being able to systematically leverage the knowledge of the community.

The demonstration was in real time and showed the power of real-time  interaction with experts in the community. In the screenshot below you can see the key points. Chat (right hand side) within the customer portal (centre) handing off to the experts in the community, the expert (left hand side) getting pulled in to the chat with the customer, with Oracle Service Cloud remaining the system of record.

The second major element was , of course, the Internet of Things. For the first time I actually heard someone correctly describe what IOT really feels like today (suggestion, search for cheezoid on YouTube).

Laughs aside this was an AWESOME demonstration of how Contact Center, Policy Automation, Thingworks IOT, Knowledge articles, Commerce Cloud, Field Service all came together in a demo of automated service.

Then came the pièce de résistance : Pepper hooked up to all those components and actually automate the final pieces of the flow.

Virtual assistant, policy automation, commerce Cloud and marketing Cloud all fused together. Awesome demonstrations and a great light-hearted presentation team – but key concepts for any forward thinking company.



Modern CX : Mundane to Modern : Innovating your Service Cloud Core THT1315

Mundane to Modern : Innovating your Service Cloud Core THT1315

Just time to tell you about this Theatre Session run by Eventus. In all this talk of IOT and super-modern stuff it is nice to get to see somebody focusing on the core application. Oracle Service Cloud core is great but the neat customisation they illustrated were perfect examples of how a step change can sometimes come from a small effort.

  • SMS Channel in Incident Creation and Responses
  • Predictive Searches in the Customer Portal

Eventus also produce a set of enhancements that they briefly touched on : agent desktop extensions, mail merge, credit card processing in the Customer Portal and so forth.

The SMS channel was presented with a cool demonstration (kudos for doing it live guys) and it was th opportunity to consider the uniqueness of SMS : sometimes it is as fluid and frequent as live chat, but it can just as easily segue back into an email-style timescale.
Service Cloud

One of the different tools that was part of the demonstration with Service Cloud was : Text from your computer, sync’d with your Android phone & number.

I hope to pop on by their booth later.

Anyway it was a good theatre session and I enjoyed the relaxed style.


Customer Experience is the New Battleground

Customer Experience is the New Battleground

I’m not usually a fan of these big keynotes from a simple perspective : they tend to be too broad brush. So the Wednesday morning session here at Modern CX “Customer experience is the new battleground” has distinguished itself by dint of the panel format with representatives of  LaZBoy, Denon/Marantz and Pella.

Fascinating to hear how these diverse companies have tackled the CX challenge :

  • VR on the horizon for LaZBoy to better imagine what your room will look like.
  • IOT helping D & M understand where the devices are being used and helping envisage the future
  • Co-browsing to enable engaged experiences during the purchase journey
  • Learning to adjust to millennial customers through video chat
  • Coping with the many devices and maintaining a fluid vision of the customer across all their gadgets and channels

Amazing to hear the level of knowledge these organisations have in respect of their customer – right down to where devices are installed or used, how long the purchase journey lasts.

Refreshing to hear the panelists talking about what they would have done differently: more customer self-help, more quickly – managing expectations and realising this is not a light switch you just turn up and switch on (a recurring theme : it’s more about the people, culture and the learning curve that your CX journey represents) – starting the education and evangelisation much earlier and more loudly- change management.

Funny how the same ideas come back each year, each decade folks, maybe we will eventually learn it is not about the technology.

Customer Experience





Get the Most Out of Modern Customer Experience in Las Vegas 2017

Get the Most Out of Modern Customer Experience in Las Vegas 2017

The OPA Hub is going to Las Vegas this year to report on the many different Oracle Service Cloud and Oracle Policy Automation presentations and breakout sessions. We should have enough time to at least blog about a few of them in real-time, or if not just with a few hours of delay so that our European visitors can maybe read them before going to bed.

I have decided to attend the conference in two parts. In the first part of Modern Customer Experience I will be attending some of the training events around Oracle Service Cloud :

  • Ignite Your Agents – a Kickstart to Automating Your Desktop
  • Customer Portal for Non-Developers – Sponsored by Helix

I will be sure to give some feedback/ share and titbits I glean on those two sessions. There are lots of presentations and breakouts at Modern Customer Experience that will be of interest, I have added them to the OPA Hub Calendar for reference and list the main ones that we will attempt to report on here:

There are no upcoming events at this time.
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