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SAVE THE DATE | Intelligent Advisor fka Oracle Policy Automation (OPA) 2020 Virtual Product Strategy Events

If you have not already been advised of this series of events in the past, and especially if you have never attended one of these either in person or virtually, I can strongly recommend you do so. They are such a great way to talk to both the driving force and leadership team behind the Oracle Intelligent Advisor platform and additionally they are a great way to get to know people in your region that have implemented the same software, walked the same path and probably had the same questions as you!

These events facilitate collaborative discussions with the Intelligent Advisor Product Development, let you hear from other customers about their projects, and give feedback on planned innovations directly to the Intelligent Advisor product development team. This year we plan to make them even more interactive.

This is an excellent opportunity to connect with the Product Development team. This is not a marketing event! It is your opportunity to really have your say and connect with others.  Partners please forward this invite to your customers.  Save the date and come join us for one of these great Virtual Product Strategy Events!

Join the Event – Register Now

Please RSVP to join the event and help make these sessions the most successful and interactive events ever – I’ve taken part in many of them and they are a great forum for sharing and learning about Oracle Intelligent Advisor. There are already events planned for Europe and North America qand as soon as these dates are set I will share them here. I hope to see lots of OPA Hub Website readers on there – let’s make our voices heard.

Keep Watching this Space for more Virtual Product Strategy Events

There are more events coming up so check back here for information.Have a great day and see you there.

Oracle Policy Automation Focus Groups – Enrol Now, Last Places!

Oracle Policy Automation Focus Groups – Enrol Now, Last Places!

The Oracle Policy Automation Focus Group is an excellent opportunity to connect with the Product Development team and network with other OPA customers to learn from previous successful projects and helping drive product priorities. Continuing the successful series in 2019, next in line are some North American events.

Upcoming Oracle Policy Automation Focus Groups are as follows:

Denver, Colorado 9th September 2019 (Oracle Corporation, 7604 E Technology Way,Denver, CO)

Toronto, Ontario 12th September 2019 (Oracle Corporation, 277 Front St W, Toronto, ON M5V 2X4, Canada)

Québec City, Québec, 13th September 2019 (Vitrine technologique,1500, rue Cyrille-Duquet, Québec)

Every event boasts an agenda of customer presentations, product strategy updates, deep dive demonstrations of recent and upcoming product features, and round-table discussions to allow attendees to raise questions and engage with Oracle Product Development.

About the Focus Groups

These events are held in a relaxed, informal atmosphere – everyone is there to learn and engage. The goal is to share and absorb with and from the other attendees. There is no pressure and no sales agenda. It’s a great way to scale up your knowledge of what is coming in the next releases, or to discover things that you might have missed. It also offers really great networking opportunities, and a free lunch in most cases. So what’s not to like?

The presentations are shared with attendees after the event through secure downloads, ensuring you have access to the great content after the event, to share with your team.

To enroll for any of these events is really simple, just send an email to Heike and state which event you would like to attend, giving your details. Please also state you read about it on the OPA Hub Website – it will help us keep a tally on who came through the site.


OPA Focus Group in Paris

OPA Focus Group in Paris

And so, on to the second Focus Group of the week. In the middle of a heatwave, I traveled to Paris from my current base in Normandy, avoiding a landslide (which closed the railway line for 2 days just before I took this train, and which delayed my return from Utrecht by 24 hours), and a brush fire (which sent us down a branch line and into the countryside for a nice long delay in the heat) and finally getting to my hotel around midnight instead of 21h00. Let’s hear about the OPA Focus Group in Paris.

Anyway, enough moaning. This was, as far as I know, the first Focus Group in Paris since 2017- so my expectations were high for a good turnout in spite of the heat (quite a few public buildings and schools had already closed). And I was not disappointed.

Lots of Customer Showcases

The morning kicked off with a nice coffee and croissant meet and greet, and the agenda of the morning sessions was a great chance to get to know the customers of the two showcases being presented:

  • PSA (Peugeot/ Citroen / DS) Customer Overview

Everyone knows them, and it was very interesting to hear about their experiences in Oracle Policy Automation. I’ve said this before, but these events are wonderful opportunities to get ahead in the community, but most importantly, a great opportunity to meet like-minded practitioners! The room was filled with a wide variety of customers, partners and even some “not yet customers” – these events are popular because “what’s  said in the room, stays in the room” – so there is no pressure or sales talk.

PSA uses Oracle Service Cloud and Oracle Policy Automation for CX Support (service requests, loyalty, and working with owners of vehicles – Peugeot, Citroen, DS). Perhaps the most interesting part for me was the explanation of the process evolving from Word, letters, paper, stamps, laborious steps involving expensive, manual operations into a simple to use Oracle Policy Automation interview. The return on investment is obvious both for the customer (better service, more reactivity) and for the group.

  • Davin then introduced a variety of use cases from worldwide customers : Dexcom, Ohio Environmental Protection Agency, WestPac, BeachBody, Princes Trust to name a few. Very interesting to see the different business processes.

Davin continued after the break, and presented the future plans for Oracle Policy Automation. As human expectations grow more demanding, Oracle Policy Automation is increasing in power and capability. It is fantastic to see Internet of Things, Service Cloud and Oracle Policy Automation working together.

The detailed part of Davin’s presentation provided lots of information about future plans, and was the subject of many questions from the audience. And me!

  • SACEM Customer Overview

Another excellent customer overview, this time from another business sector entirely : rights management for playing music in bars and restaurants. Wonderful mobile offline demonstration (with a telephone call in the middle, in the mobile device!) with a great user experience.

  • INDRA Customer Overview

Indra is a specialist in vehicle recycling – connecting car dealers with recycling operators and other partners. A very interesting use case, with some complex Oracle Policy Automation rules for calculation of Service Level Agreements, Clauses, Tariffs and assigning a partner, among other things.

OPA Focus Group in Paris

Here are a few photos of the event. Make sure you come to an event near you – this year (there are quite a few still to come!)  or next year!

OPA Focus Group in Paris


OPA Focus Group in Paris


OPA Focus Group in Paris



OPA Focus Group : Utrecht

OPA Focus Group : Utrecht

Today we are in Utrecht, the Netherlands for another in the Oracle Policy Automation Focus Group series of events. In 2019, just like previous years, the OPA all-stars (Davin, Phil, Fiona, Heike and others depending on which continent you are on) are on their world tour. Today in Utrecht they are faced with uncommonly warm, almost hot sunshine – probably a first for Utrecht – and a very attentive crowd. Welcome to the OPA Focus Group!

The main events of the day are the customer success stories, from Atradius (with Cap Gemini)  and the University of Southern Queensland (not in the Netherlands I grant you). The latter was a chance to catch up with friends of the OPA Hub Website Leona Chauhan and Evert Fernandes from Magia Consulting.

The event was very well attended, and benefited from a lovely, naturally lit room in the always impressive Oracle Nederland office. It was wonderful to meet up with old friends – and make new ones!

I particularly liked the following aspects of the morning Atradius and Cap Gemini showcase

  • Global and Local Rules Model
  • Moving 4 platforms into 1 portal
  • Pricing and Product management in Oracle Policy Automation
  • Lots of Structural Evolution coming (Inclusions)
  • Translations of messages in the middleware

Of course the day would not be complete without Davin, Phil Whitwell and the safe-harbor slides giving us a very exciting preview of what may or may not lie ahead of us as far as product development goes.

Without going into details, we saw interesting plans in respect of

  • The drive towards using OPA in new ways, for example with Virtual Reality
  • The shift to automated yet individualized, personal service
  • Online, role-based interface for rule design
  • Deploy and Manage across environments
  • BizOps (Davin’s new term) for empowering the business to make changes
  • Integrations and leveraging other channels and Oracle products
  • Machine Learning models used to drive decisions in conjunction with rules
  • Helping to intervene if the user looks like they might abandon an Interview

If you have not been to one of these before, I cannot recommend them enough – whether you be a long-time Oracle Policy Automation practitioner or a relative newcomer, this is the place (other than this website of course) where you can meet and converse with lots of interesting people and learn about how others make their projects successful.

Below you will find a few photos of the event – but the slides will be available soon enough so I will spare you all the dark and gloomy ones.

OPA Focus GroupThe above slide shows the interest for Chat as a new and vibrant channel within Service, reusing Oracle Policy Automation assets.

OPA Focus Group

This slide shows some of the work done by Magia Consulting.

OPA Focus Group

Phil treated us to some serious middleware vision with the OIC serving up any number of data sources.

The team now moves on to Paris this Thursday. See you there.


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