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Calling all Siebel and Intelligent Advisor folks

You are probably aware of this event already but I decided to promote it here on this site in case you had not come across it. A new virtual event held at the end of July 2020 called Oracle Dynamic Siebel Data Capture with Intelligent Advisor aims to help people understand how Siebel and Intelligent Advisor can really work together to assist in the capture of dynamic data for the CRM system. The virtual event is in two parts, in the first part it will look at the functional aspects of the integration and the second part will investigate the technical aspects of Siebel and Intelligent Advisor communicating successfully.

Having been on several projects where Intelligent Advisor is connected to and depends upon Oracle Siebel CRM for data to load into Interviews, or Web Services that provide Siebel with the power of Intelligent Advisor, I can recommend this virtual event to anyone in the field.

I can say that this virtual event is going to be a very useful overview for anyone who is thinking of connecting them or who wants to prepare for an upcoming project. We’ve often touched on this topic here on this website too.

Siebel and Intelligent Advisor

The functional part of the virtual event will be extremely interesting to learn about use cases and how user needs can be met with this integration. So don’t miss your chance to enrol and get the lowdown on this integration. It can revolutionize how Siebel embeds itself into the wider enterprise.

See you there : enrol using this link : Enrol Now for Oracle Dynamic Siebel Data Capture with Intelligent Advisor Virtual Event 29 July 2020. This is a good opportunity to connect with other Siebel and Intelligent Advisor folks and spread your network a little wider. Remember that there are regular events published on the Oracle Events website, and you can search by keyword as well. Find their Events Page over on their site at this address :

Siebel Roadshow, Utrecht (NL) – Sept 5th & 6th (with OPA presentations!)

Siebel Roadshow, Utrecht (NL) – Sept 5th & 6th

I happened to see this on Jeroen’s excellent website, and since it contains a couple of interesting presentations about Siebel integrating with Oracle Policy Automation, this Siebel Roadshoww sounds like a great place to be – the location is Utrecht, the Netherlands! A nicely balanced agenda with lots of product  content as well as customer-case presentations by Rabobank, KPN and ANWB. And at the same time an excellent networking opportunity.

Thanks to Jeroen for publicizing it and I hope he doesn’t mind me reposting it here.

To reserve a seat at this FREE event, please RSVP to Rebecca d’Souza

Below the agenda, or get the pdf here.

Agenda (Day 1):


  • Siebel CRM Executive Strategy Update – George Jacob, GVP Oracle CRM Applications, presents the latest update including what to expect in our 17.0 product release.


  • Siebel CRM Integration Cloud – find out about the latest developments with Siebel CRM and the Oracle Integration Cloud Service.


  • Case Study: Siebel CRM and Oracle Cloud Integration–Hear from KPN about their successful Siebel CRM and Oracle Sales Cloud integrated solution.


  • Case Study: Oracle Policy Automation and Siebel – Hear from Rabobank about their successful Siebel CRM and OPA solution.


  • Case Study: OPA Benefits with Business Rules and Process Automation – Hear from ANWB about their ROI and benefits from their Siebel CRM and OPA solution.


  • Siebel CRM: Future Innovation Roadmap – Hear about  IoT solutions for Siebel CRM, machine learning and process automation as well as the next generation innovations in Open UI, mobile and agile development.


  • Networking & 1:1 Meetings – a chance to catch up with other Siebel CRM customers and executives over canapés and beverages.


Agenda (Day 2):


  • Siebel CRM On-Cloud – see how you can reduce CapEx and TCO by hosting your Siebel CRM application on Cloud infrastructure.


  • Innovations with Test Automation for Siebel CRM – Hear from e-Up about a new innovation that leverages UPT to provide a new test automation framework reducing TCO.


  • Data Archiving with Siebel CRM – Data management strategy – overcoming challenges with data archiving.


  • Creating Value from Data with Oracle Business Analytics – see how to get more value from Oracle BI for Siebel CRM.


  • Improving Agility in the Development Process – see how to take advantage of Siebel Tools Workspaces and Siebel Composer.


  • Siebel CRM solutions with RESTful API – Insight into creating custom solutions for Siebel CRM with the new RESTful API.


  • Networking & 1:1 Meetings – a chance to catch up with other Siebel CRM customers and executives over canapés and beverages.


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