Another Winner of our OPA Prize Quiz!

And so we come to the end of the latest Prize Quiz run – the winner is Akshaya Pradeep S, with a score of 76%. Akshaya currently works for Speridian Technologies, a long-time Oracle Policy Automation powerhouse. That means that our first two winners come from the same company – so where are all the other Oracle Policy Automation experts then?

If you are interested in taking part (it’s completely free and quite fun, with no pressure), then you can head over to the Quiz right now. Remember that for your colleagues who might not be ready for the big quiz, there are a variety of smaller quizzes which are useful if you are preparing for an interview or a certification examination.


In the meantime though, we invite Akshaya to come forward and give us the necessary information (shipping address and t-shirt size) so that we can send off the prize of the official OPA Hub T-Shirt. As a special extra prize as well as the t-shirt we are adding an OPA Hub 16Gb USB Memory Stick.

OPA Prize QuizThe Prize Quiz will go offline for a few weeks as we will now add more questions to ensure that it does not get too stale or easy. We want to keep it fun as well as educational.

As usual if you have any ideas for quizzes or other interactive features for the OPA Hub Website we are always very happy to hear from you – just leave a comment below, or contact us via LinkedIn. We would be particularly interested to hear from you if you have subjects you would like the OPA Hub Website to look at in more detail, in our articles or other areas.

Thanks to Zazzle for hosting our shop! Have a great day!